Pioneer District Contacts
The following names and positions are district-level volunteers. If you are interested in being a volunteer at the district-level in any of these positions please email Joe Wehrheim at We welcome additional volunteers in each area, if the main position is filled or not. You can find out more about the duties of each position by contacting Joe or the person listed under each position.
District Chair Joe Wehrheim (317) 891-2301    
District Commissioner Lisa Cansler (317) 407-6074  
  Assistant District Commissioner Carol Wiker  
  Assistant District Commissioner (Irvington) Toni Richardson (317) 626-1072  
  Assistant District Commissioner (Greenfield) Tom Yazell (317) 496-2332  
  Assistant District Commissioner (Warren) Bob Wager (317) 895-8640  
Vice Chair Communications Kevin Mickey (317) 371.4479  
District Executive Juliana Sutter (219) 921-9985  



Vice Chair Membership Ron Parsons
Webelos to Scout Transition Vacant    
Venturing Recruitment Chair Kenn Reinhart (317) 514-1700
Unit Growth Chair Vacant    
Nominating Chair Kevin Fife (317) 989-8395



Vice Chair Development Steve Flaugh (317) 861-1943
Friends of Scouting Chair Dick Coffin (317) 359-2503
Camp Cards Coordinator Tim Cansler (317) 727-7248
Popcorn Kernel Candice Flagg (317) 908-5775
Vice Chair Program Gerald Frazier (317) 777-4354
Advancement Chair/Eagles Joe Wehrheim  (317) 891-2301
Merit Badge Coordinator Roger Schumacher (317) 894-2824
Activities and Civic Service VACANT    
Scouting for Food Chair Kenn Reinhart    (317) 514-1700
Training Chair    Ken Ulrich (317) 763-6258
Camping Chair   Tim Cansler (317) 727-7248
Camporee Coordinator Dan Fielding (260) 403-6490
Firecrafter Ember Advisor Joe Ritter (317) 709-8275
OA Chapter Advisor John Pratt (317) 254-0349    
Roundtable Commissioners Lisa Cansler
  Carol Wiker (Packs)




7125 Fall Creek Road North
Indianapolis, IN 46256
(317) 813-7125


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