What is Exploring?

Exploring exists to teach important life and career skills to young people from all backgrounds through immersive career experiences and mentorship provided by community and business leaders. Together, we equip young people with character, leadership and life skills that can be used both today and in their future careers.

Exploring is based on a unique and dynamic relationship between youth and the organizations in their communities. Businesses and community organizations initiate a career-specific Explorer post by matching their people and organizational resources to the career interests of youth in the community. The result is a program of interactive activities that helps youth pursue their special interests, grow, and develop.

Most Career Exploring program align with the high school calendar and begin in the fall, while some also offer summer activities, conferences, internships and other events. Most meet once or twice a month throughout the school year. 

Our Mission

Deliver character building experiences and mentorship that allow youth to achieve their full potential in both life and work. 

Our Vision

Shape the workforce of tomorrow by engaging and mentoring today's youth in career and life-enhancing opportunities.

Our Promise

Bring businesses and community leaders together to help young people reach their full potential.

Non-Discrimination Statement

Exploring programs are designed young men and women ages 14 - 20 years old. Youth participation is open to any youth in the prescribed age group for that particular program. Adults are selected by the participating organization for the involvement in the program. Color, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, ethnic background, disability, economic status or citizenship is not criteria for participation by youth or adults. 

For more information, visit our Contact Us to reach out to a local Exploring Executive. 

Why Exploring?

"Last year, I decided to enroll in the Exploring Post at Hendricks Regional Health mainly because I wanted to learn more about the job opportunities hospitals had to offer. I had known for a long time that I wanted to go into healthcare, but wasn't sure exactly where I would fit in. Thanks to the Exploring Post, I found my current employment as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). I remember when the EMT's came in to speak I knew right away it was what I wanted to do. [Working as an EMT] will provide me with a higher paying job through college as well as give me an advantage while going through my introductory medical courses at IUPUI. 

I plan to go on to graduate school to become a physicians assistant, a role I also learned about through Exploring. I decided to come back this year to the Exploring Post as a mentor to the current participants in hopes to relay my own experience and story going through the program. I want to share with them how much it helped me in sculpting my future and the benefits they will obtain at the completion of the program."

-Lydia C. 


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