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Civil War Days, Battle of Belzer

Civil War Days gives youth and adult Scouts an opportunity to recreate a Civil War battle. This immersion program introduces participants to the epic struggle of the American Civil War.

Click here  for the 2014 Flyer and Registration

Woodfield Rifle 

Click here to download instructions to build a replica rifle for use during the Battle of Belzer.The sticks needed can be found upon arrival at Belzer.

Basic Drills
Click on the links below for basic drills that will be used for the weekend. Prepare for mock- battles by practicing this at troop meetings before you arrive.

Soldier Songs
Click here for lyrics to "Marching through Georgia" (Union anthem)* and "The Bonnie Blue Flag" (Confederate anthem) to learn the songs of the soldier. You can download the words and rally the rest of your army through the weekend. *(Union Troops - Please do not learn the second verse. Although historically accurate we want to be sensitive to all cultures, we will address this in more detail during the event.)   
"The Bonnie Blue Flag" (Confederate)

Bring your own hardtack
Hardtack was a food staple of both sides during the Civil War. Recipes can be found here.

Suttler Store (Trading Post)
The suttler had many of the supplies that soldiers would need. The same is true for this event with a small store with hard candy, hot drinks, basic camping gear, paper products, and some woodfield rifles for sale.

Are Webelos able to attend Civil War Days?
Webelos are able to attend the event as long as they are hosted by a troop. A troop can invite Webelos to come with them as their guest(s) to see what their troop does and how it functions. The troop is responsible for all youth.