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What is “PALA”?

PALA stands for the Presidential Active Lifestyle Award, which part of the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition (PCFSN).

What is the  SCOUTStrong PALA challenge?

The SCOUTStrong PALA Challenge is a Scout-specific PALA challenge. Our council has its own PALA group so that we will be able to:
    Compare  progress relative to the group
    Send messages to group members

How does the SCOUTStrong PALA challenge work?

To earn the SCOUTStrong PALA Challenge award, you are required to meet a daily activity goal of 30 minutes a day for adults and 60 minutes a day for Scouts for at least five days a week, for six weeks. You can take up to eight weeks to complete the program. You can pick your activities, logging your physical activity along the way.

More than 100 indoor and outdoor activities count toward the daily requirement, including walking, running, aerobics, gardening and canoeing, as long as major muscle groups are engaged at a moderate to vigorous activity level. Many of these activities can also count toward Scout achievement such as Cub Scout belt loops and pins as well as Boy Scout merit badges.

To sign up go visit  or to download a brochure on the program click here.

The Benefits of Physical Activity:

    Control your weight
    Reduce your risk of heart disease, diabetes and some cancers
    Strengthen bones and muscles
    Improve mental health and mood
    Improve ability to do daily activities
    Increase your chances of living a long life

Requirement Ideas:

Take a Hike
Scouters Derek Sease and Jim Parks are reestablishing a catalog of historic hiking trails. Each will have its own trail medal to earn.  There are currently four active independent trails in the council areas:
    Fort Harrison Trail, Terre Haute (16 miles)
    Larry L. Ayers Memorial Trail, Shelburne (6.3 mile loop)
    Adena Trail, Brookville (25 mile loop)
    Al White Trail, IU & Camp Bradford (8 mile loop)

Closed trails to be reestablished:
    Chank-Tun-Un-Gi Trail, Camp Bradford & Fort Harrison State Park (10 mile loop)
Additionally new trails will be created such as the Indiana Cultural/Historic Trail which will be an 8 to 10 mile loop through Indianapolis.

Take a Run or Ride
Crossroads of America Council Scouts will have a chance to participate in local walks and runs including one that will be sponsored by the council.

While you are at Camp
Summer camps offer chances to work on the ScoutStrong patch and earn additional achievements as well.
Cub Scouts working on electives for Wolf and Bear badges can earn those related to sports, building muscles and other athletic activities.  Webelos at adventure camp and day camp can work on the Athlete Webelos pin.

Boy Scout camps offer the opportunity to work on several fitness and sports related merit badges including Sports, Athletics, Personal Fitness, Hiking, Swimming, Canoeing, Backpacking, Orienteering and Rowing.  Scouts can also get involved in a week of preparation to build up to the mile swim by the end of camp. There are also a variety of games such as Frisbee and baseball.  Ransburg also offers climbing, cycling, and will have special events each week to highlight the SCOUTStrong effort.

Games for Cub Scouts
An active lifestyle begins at a young age. Cubmasters can use physically active games at den and pack meetings to teach Scouts about fitness through play.  

Cub Scout Nutrition Belt Loop and Pin
Cub Scout Physical Belt Loop and Pin

Active Games with Equipment
Active Games without Equipment
Ball Games
Physical Fitness Activities