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Silver Beaver Nominations

Nominations due in council office September 30

The Silver Beaver Award is presented for distinguished service to youth in the area served by a local Boy Scout Council. It is the highest honor that Crossroads of America Council may bestow upon a volunteer. It is the ultimate in local service recognition.

2015 Silver Beaver Recipients

Dee Ann Baskerville
Randall W. Baskerville, Sr.
Margo D. Brandenburg
David R. Cobb
Charles W. Fairchild II
Charles P. Fippen
Matthew L. Fisher
John A. Fitzpatrick
Lucas E. Gobel
Stephen R. Harden
Robert A. Palmer
Linda Mitchell-Powell
John N. Rombach
Jackie R. Schutter
Randolph L. Strommen

Silver Beaver Award Requirements:
• Must have made significant service to the youth in the area serviced by the council – both in and out of Scouting and can include other youth organizations, church, schools, etc.
• Must be at least 21 years of age and currently registered as a volunteer Scout in the Crossroads of America Council (Cub Scouter, Scouter, Varsity Scouter, and Venturing leaders).
• Cannot be a professional Scouter or council employee.

There is no time served requirement and individuals do not have to have received the District Award of Merit to be nominated.
Note: Often duplicate nominations are submitted and signed by different people. If a member merits a nomination – they should also merit original nominations. Nominations can be submitted at any time but no later than September 30.

Candidates for this award must be nominated. Nomination forms can be obtained at Scout offices or online
. This form should be opened and when completed do a “save as” and rename the form for your applicant (Last Name, First Name). This form can then be sent electronically to . Please note: Nominees name should only appear on the cover page – refer to “nominee” in the rest of the nomination form. Useful guidelines.

These awards shall be made to the recipients by the council at the Silver Beaver Luncheon held at the University of Scouting in January each year.

Nominations are due no later than September 30.  Send via email or mail to the council office (Attn:  Silver Beaver, 7125 Fall Creek Rd, N, Indianapolis IN 46256)

Questions: Please call your local District Executive or Sandi Hobbs at (317) 813-7125.