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For more information contact Bryant Marion, Team Lead, at (317) 812-7086 or by email.

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Time Sheets

Cub Scout Curriculum

In support of Scouters, Leaders, Teachers, Educators, Partnering Adults, and Parents the After School District developed a program guide designed to assist Cub Scout den leaders who have boys of different grades/ages/ranks in the same den. The den meeting plans show how each Cub Scout can complete work on his own grade/rank-appropriate advancement requirements during the same den meeting. These plans are created by staff in the After School District in the Crossroads Council. New packs with only a few boys of each age group may find the program guide useful.

How to use the program guide:

  1. Pick which "Adventure" you choose to utilize. 
  2. Review the Overview of the Adventure. The overview indicates how many sessions needed, which requirement met according to rank, the supplies needed, and what copies needed (the sheets to be copied are included in the sessions)
  3. The links below will open a PDF ready to be printed and ready.
  4. To provide feedback contact Josette Crawford, After School District Executive, by email.


Year 2 (utilized in the 2017-2018 Cub Scout year)

Bobcat General plans - Printable items
First Aid General plans Printable items
Hero Utilized the American Red Cross Pillowcase project

General plans - Printable items - Knots & Lashing - Lorax Workbook - Recycling game

Duty to God General plans  - Printable items
Bobcat II General plans - Printable items
Carnival General plans Printable items
Be Active General plans - Printable items
Communication General plans - Printable items

General plans  - Printable items - Food Safety Workbook - Cub Scout Cook Book

Take a Hike

General plans - Printable items - Nature Cards

Year 1 (utilized in the 2016-2017 Cub Scout year)

Adventure Sessions  

Overview - Session 1 - Session 2

Take A Hike

Overview - Session 1 - Session 2 - Session 2 (Supplement)

Session 3 - Session 4


Overview - Session 1 - Session 1 (Supplement) - 

Session 2 - Session 2 (Supplement 1) - Session 2 (Supplement 2)

Session 3 - Session 3 supplement


Overview - Session 1 - Session 1 (Supplement) - Session 2

Session 3 - Session 3 (Supplement 1) - Session 3 (Supplement 2)

Duty to God

Overview - Session 1 - Session 2


Overview - Session 1 - Session 2


Overview - Session 1 - Session 2

Pinewood Derby Cars  
Be Active

Overview - Session 1 - Session 2

Session 3 - Session 4

First Responder

Overview - Session 1 - Session 2

Session 3 - Session 4


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