Baden Powell Merit Badge Camp

Baden Powell Merit Badge Camp is held at Camp Belzer, 6102 Boy Scout Road, Indianapolis, IN, 46226. The program is a merit badge day camp that helps young Scouts earn unique merit badges in the summer time. Each year the list of badges changes slightly but some that are regularly offered are: camping, cinematography, citizenship in the community, nation and world, computers,crime prevention, emergency, etc. The Baden Powell program is an accelerated, intensive learning environment, so it is strongly recommended that Scouts be First Class or higher when taking the Eagle required merit badges. Scouts may be required to take classroom notes, tests, and/or have out of class assignments to complete merit badge requirements. Most of the classes have requirements which must be completed either prior to coming to Baden Powell or done afterwards. These requirements and prerequisites are listed with the schedule. Scouts will receive a partial when the prerequisites are not turned in or Scouts do not show proficiency in the open-book, open-note tests given in some classes. These tests are used to show that the Scouts have a good working knowledge of the merit badge. Completed merit badge cards will be given when Scouts have finished all the requirements. 

2015 Boy Scout Camp Flyer

For information on Baden Powell Merit Badge Camp, view the Class Schedule. To register, click here.

Baden Powell Merit Badge Camp offers the opportunity for Scouts to work on up to six merit badges, both Eagle required and non-required. The camp operates Monday through Friday and start at 7:45 a.m.

2015 Sessions: 
Session 1        June 8 -12
Session 2        June 15-19
Session 3        June 22-26
Session 4        CAMP CLOSED
Session 5        July 6-10
Session 6        July 13-17
Session 7        July 20–July 24