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Dan Beard First Class Camp

Dan Beard First Class Camp is designed for Boy Scouts who are working toward the rank of First Class. Scouts will have the opportunity to complete various requirements towards the ranks of Tenderfoot, Second Class and First Class. This camp will emphasize the major skills needed in those three ranks. Scouts attending Dan Beard will also earn the First Aid merit badge and Camper, the first rank of Firecrafter. Dan Beard Camp is located at Camp Belzer on the northeast side of Indianapolis. The camp operates Monday through Friday and starts 7:45 a.m.

2015 Boy Scout Camp Flyer   

For information on Dan Beard First Class Camp, visit the Camping Forms page. To register, click here.

2015 Sessions:

Session 1 June 8-12
Session 2 June 15-19
Session 3 June 22-26
Session 5 July 6-10
Session 6 July 13-17
Session 7 July 20-24