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Cub Scout Day Camp


Please select the link below to access the reservation system of each camp. Reservation systems will go live on Monday, January 6, at 8:30 a.m. If you have any questions, please contact Mary Carrico at (317) 813-7094.

Belzer Day Camp

Webelos Adventure Camp

Bear Creek Day Camp

Kikthawenund Day Camp

Pathfinder Day Camp

Red Wing Day Camp

Rotary Day Camp

Wildwood Day Camp

Baden Powell Camp

Dan Beard Camp

NEW IN 2014!

There will be an extended program option until 5:30 p.m. Traditional camp ends at 4 p.m., but additional activities will now be offered for up to 25 Scouts a week. The additional sessions will run Monday through Thursday and will cost an additional $40 for the week.  Your pack leadership does not need to stay to participate in this option. So feel free to offer this option to families that would not be able to come because of after camp childcare issues.  

Scout age tag-a-longs can participate in more activities. Tag-a-longs are children of an adult who is attending with a son’s pack. Tag-a-longs who are five years old and over can now participate in BB guns, archery and canoe/rafting as well as the other activities.  Tag-a-longs who are four years old and under can still participate in crafts, games, obstacle courses, monkey bridge, swimming, supervised cooking and more. 


There is a complete leaders guide and promotion materials on the camping forms page

There is financial assistance available for Scouts who might need it to attend camp. Partial camperships/workerships are available so that Scouts can earn part of their camp fees by completing an appropriate service project. Last year, approximately $20,000 in workerships were offered.  Please contact Mary Carrico at (317) 813-7094 for more information.

Camping takes Scouts on exciting adventures into the natural world. Scouts learn to live with others in the outdoors as well as to be a good citizen of the outdoors.

Camping is fun and  good for the mind, body, and spirit. It helps individuals learn to rely on yourself—on your own skills and knowledge. When boys go camping as a Cub Scout, they will learn skills that will be valuable later as a Boy Scout.

Cub Scout camping has day camps, resident camps, Webelos den overnight campouts, family camps, and pack overnighters.