About Firecrafter

Firecrafter badge imageIn direct pursuit of the principles and ideals of Scouting for boys, Firecrafter was created for and dedicated to service to all phases of that movement.

Firecrafter and each individual Firecrafter shall be directed toward the observance of the following creed:

  • We believe that leadership ought to be fostered and its high trusts and responsibilities cultivated.
  • We believe that a Scout becomes a better Scout when he exhibits unselfish friendship to others.
  • We believe that Firecrafter's service to Scouting aids both the Firecrafter and every scout in building better character and citizenship.

In the spirit of these beliefs, we make our pledge of faithful service.

Scout campers have an opportunity to distinguish themselves while long-term camping in much the same way as they may distinguish themselves by climbing the trail to Eagle. (Long-term camping-- Camping for at least six days and nights.) There are three camp ranks Scouts may earn when they have met the standards listed. These are: Camper, Woodsman, and Firecrafter. Webelos Scouts may also earn the awards of Webelos Camper and Firelight. Youth Firecrafters that distinguish themselves with excellent service may be given the opportunity to candidate for the honor of Minisino. Adult scouters that show dedicated service and work to promote the Firecrafter program may be nominated to Firecrafter by a Firecrafter.

Ember Meetings

Rising Sun Ember meetings are held on the second Thursday of the month at 6:30 p.m. prior to Iron Horse District Roundtables at the Morristown Christian Church Annex (Boys & Girls Club). map

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District Ember Advisor

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Rising Sun Ember Advisor