Journey to Excellence Newsletter

 Welcome to the second Journey to Excellence newsletter brought to you by the Northeast District! This will be one of several newsletters throughout the year that will discuss different topics related to Journey to Excellence (JTE) and the Journey to Excellence program. To review the first newsletter, which covered “What’s in it for me” and “How Do I Make This Happen” please Click Here. We hope you will find this information useful. Remember, you cannot complete your Annual Charter Renewal (recharter) without also completing Journey To Excellence. This is being sent to all Unit Committee Chairs, all unit Committee Members, and Unit Leaders (Cubmasters, Scoutmasters, Advisors, and Coaches).  

 In this edition, we discuss how to record your service hours and review frequently asked questions. In addition we have once again included “How Do I Make This Happen” in this newsletter.

 Service Hours Reporting

 In all of the scorecards (Pack, Troop, Crew, Team, and Ship) there is a requirement to complete service hours as a unit and then record those hours. One of the aims of Scouting is to build Citizenship, and a key component of that is performing service within our community.

 The BSA makes an attempt to track these hours so that both locally and nationally we can measure the impact that Scouting has on our communities and our nation. The reporting process is simple and would need to be completed before you turn in your Journey to Excellence Scorecard –

 1.       Visit the Service Hours Reporting website.

2.       Create an Account (if you already have an account, just log-in):

a.       If you are a new user click on “New Users click Here” to create your account

b.       Use your unit ID (note: this is NOT your unit number). This is a 5 to 11 digit number. These unit IDs are attached to this email.

c.       Enter your name, address, city, state, zip code, and email address

d.       Complete your account creation by entering a password

3.       Enter Service Project Data

a.       Click the service project description that best describes the project

b.       Enter all relevant information which includes the date, number of youth and adult members, total hours worked, organization, and a description of the project.

c.       Click “Submit Report”

 Think back to your unit’s activities this past year. More than you think can be recorded. Some examples include:

·         Eagle Scout Service Projects

·         Advancement Service Hours (i.e. service hours completed for advancement)

·         Order of the Arrow and Firecrafter service hours

·         Community Clean Up Days

·         Serving your chartered organization at one of their events

·         Volunteering at a festival or event

·         And much more!

 The goal is to capture all of the service you, your Scouts, and your adult leaders have done over the last year. Once you have recorded your hours online, you can then record the total number on your Journey to Excellence Scorecard.

 Frequently Asked Questions

         1.       On the troop Journey to Excellence form, the requirement for service projects under the objective says hours are to be entered into the JTE website, but under the bronze, silver, and gold, there is no reference to entering hours into the JTE website. There seems to be no incentive to enter the hours. Troops can just say they did the service projects. Since the requirements stipulate entering the service hours into the Journey to Excellence website, it is implied that all service must be entered. If not, they will not count.

        2   What constitutes a Service Project?    Any service performed by your unit or members of your unit that helps someone else.

2.                 3.       How will JTE address large (more than 75 members) troops? It seems targeted to smaller (about 25 members) troops? The Journey to Excellence program was designed with two ways of achieving the requirements for just this reason. A troop can either meet or exceed a determined standard, which most Boy Scout troops with 75 members would be able to do, or to show improvement. Either way, a troop will be able to achieve the requirement.

4.       Regarding super activities for crews, would attending a high-adventure base qualify? High-adventure bases qualify as a super activity.

5.       Is there a percentage attendance requirement or number attendance requirement for a troop overnight or a pack outdoor event? There is no percentage attendance requirement or number attendance requirement. If your unit considers an activity to be a troop overnight or a pack outdoor event and attendance happens to be poor for that activity, you can still count it. Of course, if you have several such events and attendance is always poor, you might have other reasons to be concerned.

6.       If a Cub Scout, Boy Scout, or Varsity Scout advances more than one rank in a year, does the unit receive credit for more than one advancement? No. The standard is for individual youth earning at least one advancement during the year, not for the total number of advancements during the year.

7.       Does earning the Scout level count as an advancement for a Boy Scout in a troop or Varsity Scout in a team? No. Scout is the joining requirement, not an advancement.

8.       Can I achieve the silver or gold level without achieving the bronze level in any individual requirement? No. You must achieve the bronze level before you can qualify for the silver or gold levels. You must achieve the bronze and silver levels before you can qualify for the gold level.

9.       In the retention requirement, can we count our drop outs? No. You can count age outs and transfer outs, but you cannot count drop outs.

10.   Is there a report that I can get from the council service center that will help me determine how many of my scouts have advanced during the past year? Yes, the report is called Unit Advancement Summary Report. Your local council service center can print this report out and it will show every boy in your unit and what advancements they’ve earned in the past year.

Click Here to view the full Frequently Asked Questions Document.


How Do I Make It Happen?

1.       Go to

a.       You will find several resources including “Scorecards”. Scorecards are the documents that outline the guidelines and “metrics” and where you can “score” your unit.

b.       You can also go directly to the Scorecards by following these individual links:

                                                               i.      Cub Scout Pack Scorecard

                                                             ii.      Boy Scout Troop Scorecard

                                                           iii.      Venturing Crew Scorecard

                                                           iv.      Sea Scout Ship Scorecard

 2.   Download the Scorecard and print it off. Take the Scorecard to your next unit Committee meeting.

3. Discuss the Scorecard during your next Committee meeting, and where you currently stand if you were to grade your unit today.

4.  Develop a plan to achieve Gold Level Journey to Excellence by the end of the year.

5.   Continually monitor your progress throughout the year.

 Note: You will not be able to turn-in your Recharter Paperwork in 2014 without Journey to Excellence attached. You must turn your Recharter Paperwork into the District on your assigned date and time and not the Council Office.  You will be given a date and time for your units appointment, either Oct 29 or Nov 1.


 There are several places you can go to answer your questions, one of which is on the Journey to Excellence website itself.  There are several resources developed to help you answer any questions you may have.  Need data to help you complete your scorecard?  Contact your Unit Commissioner or our District Commissioner ( Terry Fulner - ).  You can always contact our District Executive ( Ryan Kelleher - ) as well.