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Sheri Chandler| District Commissioner
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What is Commissioner Service?

Most units in the Sakima District have a Unit Commissioner assigned to assist and give support as needed. A list of our units and the commissioners assigned to assist them is below. If your unit doesn't have a Unit Commissioner or Assistant District Commissioner assigned to help you, please contact our District Commissioner. 

What does a “Unit Commissioner” do?

A Unit Commissioner is Scouting’s first line of support for a unit and its leaders. The commissioner acts as a coach, friend, and confidant in helping leaders deliver the Scout program. Others have described the role as “Scouting’s Customer Service Department”.

Simply put, a commissioner shares his/her Scouting training, experience, and advice with leaders who may: Unit Commissioner

  • Be new in their position.
  • Have questions about the Sakima District or the Crossroads of America Council.
  • Be facing a difficult issue with another leader or parent.
  • Need help completing the charter renewal process.
  • Be having difficulties attaining Quality Unit status.
  • A good commissioner remains “behind the scenes” while supporting the success of the unit and leader. The commissioner and the unit know they are successful when the unit achieves “Quality Unit” status.


  • First line of support for unit leaders – help them achieve Journey to Excellence status.
  • Coach, friend and confidant – share their training and experience.
  • Scouting’s “Customer Service Department”

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