Unit Service

William Turner , District Commissioner, (765) 267-0948

If you are a Scouting volunteer, who can you turn to when you need help or have a question?  The answer is - your unit commissioner or another member of the commissioner staff.

What does a Commissioner do?

A Commissioner is Scouting's first line of support for a unit and its leaders.  The commissioner acts as a coach, friend, and confidant in helping leaders deliver the Scout program.  Others have described the role as "Scouting's Customer Service Department".

Simply put, a commissioner shares his/her Scouting training, experience, and advice with leaders who may:

  • Be new in their position
  • Have questions about the Sugar Creek District or the Crossroads of America Council
  • Be facing a difficult issue with another leader or parent
  • Need help completing the charter renewal process
  • Be having difficulties attaining Journey to Excellence

A good commissioner remains "behind the scenes" while supporting the success of the unit and leader.  The commissioner and the unit know they are successful when the unit achieves Journey to Excellence Bronze, Silver or Gold.

Find your Unit Commissioner below:

Commissioner Staff
Name Role Phone
William Turner District Commissioner 765-267-0948
John Fitzpatrick Assistant District Commissioner 317-441-2321
Andy Fulks Assistant District Commissioner 317-796-1863
Mike Cook Unit Commissioner 317-696-6489
Dan Green Unit Commissioner 765-336-9297
Bill Moore Unit Commissioner 317-508-8463
Carol Rusk Unit Commissioner 765-366-6490
Paul Rusk Unit Commissioner 765-376-0701
Steve Taylor Unit Commissioner 765-676-6666
Mike Thompson Unit Commissioner 765-978-0235
Joe Watts Unit Commissioner 765-894-0613
Wendell Zetterberg Unit Commissioner 765-249-2298
Dana Harrison Roundtable Commissioner 765-242-8178
David Hovde Roundtable Commissioner 765-296-9926