District Dinner

Our 2014 District Dinner will be held at Tabernacle Presbyterian Church on Friday February 21st beginning at 6:00 PM.  Please join us for an evening of celebration and recognition of our hard work in 2013. 

Registration can be found at

District Roundtable

Roundtable is held the Second Tuesday of every month at Tabernacle Presbyterian Church beginning at 6:30 PM.

Each month, Cub Scout and Boy Scout Leaders come together to learn about upcoming activities, events, and programs.  Special sessions are held for specifically for Cub Scout Leaders and Boy Scout Leaders.  Each session is designed to help all leaders plan monthly programs and be better prepared for the youth.  Items discussed at Roundtable include camporee plans, training sessions, special Scout only events, and leadership opportunities for both youth and adults. 

Questions about Cub Scout Roundtable should be addressed to Betty Koehl.

Questions about Boy Scout Roundtable should be addressed to Joe Hatcher.

District Committee Meeting

Our monthly District Committee Meeting is held immediately following the District Roundtable. 

All District Committee Members are required to attend and report on their specific areas of responsibilities.  These meetings are intended to help everyone see the direction the District is moving in and encourage new ideas and ways of meeting personal and District goals.

Commissioner Meeting

Unit Commissioners meet the fourth Tuesday of every month at Tabernacle Presbyterian Church at 6:30 PM.

Our dedicated Unit Commissioners meet with the District Commissioner and learn about how they can serve each Unit to help strengthen the program.  Unit Commissioners are responsible for supporting their Unit and helping to be a liaison between the Unit and the District.

For more information about the role of Commissioner Services or how to become involved please contact Bob Treadwell.

Eagle Scout Board of Reviews

Scout's who request a Board of Review for the rank of Eagle Scout will be notified of the exact time and day. 
These board of review's will take place on the fourth Tuesday of every month at Tabernacle Presbyterian Church.
To schedule an Eagle Scout Board of Review please contact the District Advancement Chair, Mike O'Banyel.