Join Scouting!

We want to make sure that we can help serve as many families in Marion County as possible!  If you are interested in learning more about Scouting please contact the Crossroads of America Council Office at 317-813-7125 and you can speak with someone personally about getting involved.

Year Round Recruitment

One of our goals for the T-Sun-Ga-Ni District is to place an emphasis on year round recruitment.  We want to provide opportunities for families to join Scouting at all times of the year!  To locate a Scouting Unit near you immediately please visit  This website can give you geographic information about where Scouting Units meet.  Please email Andrew Bowman or call at 317-813-7111 if you have any questions about this website.

Spring Recruitment Opportunities

January through May we will be focusing our efforts on Kindergarten and Fifth Grade Students.  We want to share the Cub Scout experience with the many Kindergartener's and give them an opportunity to join and attend Cub Scout Day Camp this summer as one of their first events!  They will be able to really live out what it means to be a Cub Scout as soon as they join.

We want to reach out to all fifth grade students and make sure that they have the opportunity to join a Boy Scout Troop.  In Boy Scouts, young men really get to live the experiences as told in Boys Life Magazine.  Their journey along the Boy Scout Trail is filled with adventure, excitement, and opportunity!

Fall Recruitment

In the Fall we focus on Back-to-School Nights.  Our hope is to reach every School in our territory and give families the opportunity to join an Scouting Unit near them!  Look out for flyers, handouts, commercials, and other promotional material for information at a School near you!