Why Scouting?

Scouting is a well-rounded program positively affecting every area of a boy's life. Scouting encourages boys to achieve a deeper appreciation for others, including peers, parents and other adults. Early in their Scouting experience, boys learn the value of serving others.

Scouting provides boys with a sense that they are important individuals. They learn that their Scouting family cares about what happens to them. Scouting activities and award programs teach personal responsibility and self-confidence. As a result, when hard decisions have to be made, a boy can look at himself in the mirror and be proud.

Scouting involves a safe environment with positive role models. Parents, your son will learn confidence, belonging, quality family time, social skills, moral and ethical choices, teamwork, citizenship and fun. 


How does Cub Scouting work?

Tiger Cubs- For boys in first grade


  • Boys and their parents work together and with other families
  • Activities are based on searching, discovering and sharing
  • Prepares parent and son for Cub Scouting

Cub Scouts- For boys in second or third grade

  • Boys meet regularly in small groups (dens) to work on projects under supervision of parent leaders
  • Learning is achieved through completing tasks to earn badges
  • Boys wear uniforms to display their badges, play games, sports, work together and have fun

Webelos Scouts- For boys in fourth or fifth grade

  • Boys participate in outdoor learning experiences, such as camping
  • Boys take on more responsibility of planning activities for the group (den)
  • Prepares boys for transition into Boy Scouts

Your Boy is a Member of a Den
A den consists of four to eight boys who meet according to their schedules. A den leader (usually a Scout's parent) is in charge of the activities, which include games, crafts, songs and ceremonies with a purpose- often leading toward badges and belt loops.

Your Boy is a Member of a Pack
A pack consists of several dens and meets at least once a month. The Cubmaster leads the pack meetings with Scouts and their families in attendance for fun activities and awards and recognition.