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The Voice of the Scout program captures the experiences of Scouts, parents and volunteers during a 10-week survey period in both the spring and fall. Surveys will be sent to leaders, chartered organization representatives, parents of Scouts and Scouts over age 14. Results from the surveys help Crossroads of America Council and the Boy Scouts of America guide decision-making for future programs and operational delivery.

Individuals who provided an email address during the recharter process will automatically receive a survey during each cycle. To ensure the council has your correct email address, please contact Sharon Cone at shcone@crossroadsbsa.org or (317) 813-7075. Be sure to include your name, district and unit number.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I take this survey?
Your feedback is a critical component of assessing the level of value we provide to youth. Your experiences will validate the experiences our Scouts, parents and volunteers are having so we can make the decisions that will help make every unit a great unit.

Is my opinion anonymous?
Yes, your opinion will be anonymous. Your membership record will only be used for categorizing your response to the right district, council, area or region. However, if you would like for someone to contact you, you can leave your name and contact information in the open-ended question that will be in the survey.

I'm a parent of a Scout under 14, do I answer for him?
Questions for parents of Scouts under 14 will be directed to you to help us determine the value of Scouting for your son. We encourage conversation with all Scouts, but require the direct involvement of the parent to do so for kids under 14.

When will the surveys be going out?
Surveys are scheduled to go out in two seasonal cycles- spring & fall. The spring cycle will begin in March and last 6 weeks. The fall survey will launch late September and last six weeks.

With different surveys for the different audiences, how are you determining which survey to send for those people that might hold two roles (i.e. a parent who is also a volunteer)?
For adults that hold more than one of the target audience positions, their first survey received will be according to the overall population size of that position. For example, if a person is registered as a chartered organization representative (COR) and is a parent of a Scout, they will get the survey for their role as a COR since we have far less CORs that parents in our database. This allows for proper member representation in small population samples.

Will survey reminder notices be sent out?
Yes, one week after the initial send of the emails, a reminder notice will be sent out.

What is BSA's privacy policy for using email addresses?
Email addressed never leave our firewall. ScoutNET is internally housed at the National Office and we never sell or export our lists to our third party partners or sponsors.