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NESA Crossroads is a fellowship of men who have achieved the Eagle Scout Rank. Membership is granted only to those Eagle Scouts who have earned the Eagle Scout rank in the Crossroads of America Council, or to those who earned their Eagle Scout rank elsewhere, but currently serve as an adult volunteer in the Crossroads of America Council. NESA Crossroads, or the Eagle Scout Alumni Association of the Crossroads of America Council, based out of Indianapolis, IN and covering central Indiana is designed to serve Scouting in the following areas:

Networking - Provide opportunities for Eagle Scouts to get together and network, make connections, and promote Scouting in Central Indiana.
Mentoring - Provide opportunities for Eagle Scout alumni to mentor new Eagle Scouts and Life Scouts on the Trail to Eagle.

The focus of our efforts are to increase Scouting membership in central Indiana, support and promote Scouting achievement towards the Eagle Scout rank, and seek financial resources to support the long term success of Scouting in the Crossroads of America Council.
To begin the online registration process - click here to go to the online registration form . Simply fill out the online form and you will be added to Crossroads of America Council's Eagle Scout alumni association membership listing.

Register Using Paper Form
Pick-up a paper membership application at your local Scout Service Center, or download one here .
Fill out the membership application and mail the completed application to: NESA Staff Advisor, 7125 Fall Creek North, Indianapolis, IN 46256, or fax to: (317) 813-7126.

Previous Award Recipients: 

Distinguished Eagle Scout Award
The Distinguished Eagle Scout Award (DESA) was established in 1969. It is granted to those Eagle Scouts who received the Eagle Scout rank 25 or more years ago, have gained status of fame or eminence in their life work, and have shared their talents with their communities on a voluntary basis. The award is granted by the National Eagle Scout Association (NESA) upon nomination by a local council and selection by a committee of nationally prominent DESA recipients

Download the Distinguished Eagle Scout Award form here.

Crossroads Council Distinguished Eagle Scouts:
Anderson, Steve 1949 Eagle Scout
Brainard, Honorable Jim 1972 Eagle Scout
Buechlein, Rev. Daniel 1954 Eagle Scout

Evans, Michael 1959 Eagle Scout
Fernandez, Al 1932 Eagle Scout
Goldsmith, Steve 1959 Eagle Scout
Hall, Robert 1940 Eagle Scout
Hammer, Robert 1928 Eagle Scout
Hokanson, Steve 1960 Eagle Scout
Holt, Steve 1961 Eagle Scout
Hurt, Stan 1952 Eagle Scout
Ice, Harry 1921 Eagle Scout
Isch, James 1965 Eagle Scout
Johnson, Russell 1942 Eagle Scout
Kappes, Skip 1941 Eagle Scout
King, J.B. 1943 Eagle Scout
Lange, Skip 1940 Eagle Scout
Lechleiter, John 1967 Eagle Scout
Lugar, Senator Richard 1946 Eagle Scout
Lugar, Tom 1947 Eagle Scout
Miles, Mark 1967 Eagle Scout
McCaw, Bruce 1961 Eagle Scout
Morris, Jim 1957 Eagle Scout
Mullins, Craig 1961 Eagle Scout
Norris, Max 1941 Eagle Scout
O'Bannon, Frank 1946 Eagle Scout
Palmer, Robert 1961 Eagle Scout
Pease, Ed 1966 Eagle Scout 
Rapp, George 1947 Eagle Scout
Reilly, Peter 1924 Eagle Scout
Reynolds, Bob 1952 Eagle Scout
Semler, Jerry 1952 Eagle Scout
Servaas, Beurt 1935 Eagle Scout
Shepherd, Honorable Randall 1962 Eagle Scout
Tucker, Frederick 1935 Eagle Scout
Waller, Bret 1953 Eagle Scout
Weaver, Ken 1969 Eagle Scout
Weingarten, Joe 1962 Eagle Scout

NESA Outstanding Eagle Scout Award 
The NESA Outstanding Eagle Scout Award (NOESA) is a prestigious recognition granted by the local council’s NESA committee to Eagle Scouts who have demonstrated outstanding achievement at the local, state, or regional level. Unlike the Distinguished Eagle Scout Award, which is a national award, the NOESA recognizes Eagle Scouts whose efforts have made a positive impact closer to home.

Download the NESA Outstanding Eagle Scout Award Nomination form here.

Crossroads Council NESA Outstanding Eagle Scouts:
Howard, Philip 1963 Eagle Scout
St. Pierre, Michael 1964 Eagle Scout

Clabaugh, Scott 1968 Eagle Scout
Brown, Thomas B. 1957 Eagle Scout
Jackson, Thomas W. 1987

Local Scholarships and Awards:

Eagle Scout Awards (Local Council)
Do you know of an Eagle Scout that needs to be recognized? We want to hear about them! Each year, the Crossroads of America Council recognizes deserving Eagle Scouts & Friends of Eagles with the following awards: the Eagle to Eagle Award, the Friend of Eagle Award, the Judge John Price Outstanding Eagle Award, and the Merle Miller Eagle Project of the Year Award.

The Eagle to Eagle Award honors Eagle Scouts, who, as adults, are now serving our youth as an active adult volunteer in a Scout Troop or Venturing Crew. 
Download the Eagle to Eagle Nomination form here.

The Friend of Eagle Award is given every year to a non-Eagle Scout adult volunteer who actively assists Scouts on the trail to Eagle. 
Download the Friend of Eagle Nomination form here.   

The Judge John Price Outstanding Eagle Scout Award and Scholarship recognizes the best of each year's Eagle Scouts. The award and $1,000 scholarship will be given to a deserving member of the current year's Eagle Scout class.
Download the Outstanding Eagle Scout Award Nomination form here.

The Merle Miller Eagle Project of the Year Award recognizes the top Leadership Service Project performed by a Crossroads of America Council Eagle Scout in the current calendar year. The award and $1,000 scholarship will be given to the selected recipient, whose name will also be submitted as the council's selection for the National Eagle Scout Association's Glenn A. and Melinda W. Adams National Eagle Scout Service Project of the Year Award. 
Download the Merle Miller Eagle Project of the Year Nomination form here.

The Veteran of Foreign Wars Scout of the Year Award provides public recognition to Eagle Scouts who have succeeded in their Scouting careers, as well as the community, and provides scholarship funds to support furthering the Scout's education.
Download the VFW Scout of the Year Award information here. 

The American Legion Scholarship provides (4) scholarships ranging from $2,500 to $10,000 for Eagle Scouts and their educational pursuits. Download the American Legion Scholarship information here.

All nominations, except the Veteran of Foreign Wars Scout of the Year Award and the American Legion Scholarships are due to the NESA Committee no later than January 21 of each year. These awards will be presented at the annual Gathering of Eagles dinner each March. The Merle Miller Eagle Project of the Year Award will be presented at the Annual Council Awards Dinner, and recognized at the annual Gathering of Eagles dinner. The Veteran of Foreign Wars Scout of the Year Award must be submitted to your local VFW post, no later than March 1 of each year. The American Legion Scholarship application is due to American Legion District Chairman no later than February 1 of each year. 

National Scholarships and Awards:

NESA Scholarships

This year the National Eagle Scout Association will award 150 scholarships to Eagle Scouts through various Eagle Scout scholarship funds. These scholarships vary in size from $1,000 to $50,000. The scholarships are for tuition, room, board, and books only, and are limited to use at a four-year accredited college or university that offers at least a bachelor’s degree upon completion of the course of studies. These scholarships are not available to students attending a trade school, two-year college, or any of the U.S. military academies, because at these academies expenses covered by NESA scholarships are already paid by the United States government. Click here for more information about NESA Scholarships.

Recipients will be notified by July 15 of each year

Mail applications to:

National Eagle Scout Association, S322
Boy Scouts of America
1325 West Walnut Hill Lane
P.O. Box 152079
Irving, TX 75015-2079

Deadline for submissions is December 31 or each year.