2014 Popcorn Sale - Coming Soon!

Thanks to the 500+ units in Crossroads of America Council for selling popcorn in 2013!  You are helping each youth realize their Ideal Year of Scouting by funding their campouts, field trips, sporting events, camping equipment, uniforms, summer camp experiences, trips, and more!  Our council is grateful for the countless Unit Popcorn Kernels for coordinating the popcorn sale efforts locally.

Thank you to the following District Popcorn Kernels for coordinating the fundraising efforts in each of their districts in the fall of 2014:  
DM Rich  Purcell
GE Ashley Barella-Davis
HK Josh Egan
NE Jim Earl
NS Tom Petersen
PF Beth Stinson
PI Ron Corbett
SK Charity Gosler
TS Jim Gratner
WV Dustin Striegel

Sign-Up for the 2014 Popcorn Sale!

    *Commit to sell popcorn in 2014
    *Provide your unit's Popcorn Kernel name, address, email address, phone number
    *Let us know if your unit is planning to place an initial order and final order  

 2014 Council Popcorn Sale Goal:  $3,700,000

2013 Final Sale Results:

District 2013 Total Sales
T-Sun-Ga-Ni  $             48,343.00
Outreach Section  $             48,343.00
Golden Eagle  $           142,227.00
Iron Horse  $           152,014.00
Old Trail  $           102,481.00
Pioneer  $           153,014.00
Sakima  $           128,075.00
Del-Mi  $           867,748.00
Eastern Section  $       1,545,559.00
Hou Koda  $           391,236.00
Northeast  $           261,439.00
Pathfinder  $           455,193.00
North Star  $           253,101.00
Sugar Creek  $           210,286.00
Wabash Valley  $           247,340.00
Western Section  $       1,818,595.00
Other  $              2,037.00
Council Totals  $       3,414,534.00

Congratulations to the following districts for having growth in their sale in 2013!  
    Old Trail - 20.6% increase
    Wabash Valley - 11.6% increase

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Questions? Contact Jean Merrell at (317) 813-7098 or at popcorn@crossroadsbsa.org