2015 Popcorn Sale begins in September!

Thank you to the following District Popcorn Kernels for coordinating the fundraising efforts in each of their districts in the fall of 2015:  

DM Rich  Purcell
HK Josh Egan
NE Jenny Mondy and Michael Welling
NS Tom Petersen
PF Christi  Roleson
SC John     Fitzpatrick
SK Charity Gosler


Want to start planning for the 2015 popcorn sale?

Sept. 1                             Online Sales Promotional Period Begins
Sept. 1 by 11:59 p.m.       Initial Unit Orders due
Sept. 4-18                        2-week Take Order Blitz (collect orders on form only)
Sept. 16-18                      Pick up popcorn at warehouse (district sites vary)
Sept. 19                           Storefront Sales Begin
Sept. 22, 29                     Tuesday Camp Belzer pick-up and return days
Oct. 6, 13, 20
Oct. 18                             Popcorn Sale Ends
Oct. 20                             20% of initial order payment due
Oct. 27 by 11:59 p.m.      Final Unit Orders Due
Oct. 27                             Final Belzer Return (and Pick-up) Day
Oct. 27                             Unsold Popcorn Return Deadline
Nov. 11-14                       Pick up popcorn at warehouse (district sites vary)
Nov. 17, 24                      Cash 'n Carry at Camp Belzer & Outer Offices
Dec. 1, 8
Dec. 4                               Final Payment Due

NEW!  Changes in 2015:
      *  SIMPLIFIED Commission Structure
      *  SIMPLIFIED Scout Shop voucher ordering and distribution (prize program)
      *  Limited "initial order" product mix (to assist with better inventory management)
      *  Local popcorn trainings (in your district)
      *  Improved prize program options
      *  5-week sale but 6 weekends to sell
      *  Final popcorn pick-up is one week earlier this year

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Questions? Contact Jean Merrell at (317) 813-7098 or at popcorn@crossroadsbsa.org