Online Sales System

In addition to selling product face-to-face, Scouts sell popcorn to friends and family members that live out-of-town online.  The Online Sales System allows Scouts and leaders to track online sales.  Scouts are also able to send emails to customers asking them to purchase product online.

Create an Account – Scouts and Leaders

Online sales set-up instructions for a Leader:   Online Selling Information - Leader tutorial

Online sales set-up instructions for a Scout: Online Selling Information - Scout tutorial


User Names in Online Sales System

An email address may only be associated with one account in the Online Sales System. A parent who has more than one Scout and each Scout wants to sell product online will require multiple accounts and therefore multiple email addresses.

Certain email providers allow users to manipulate their email address and still receive mail in their inbox.  Gmail (Google’s email service) allows users to modify their addresses in the following ways: