2014 Prize Program

Unit Kernels will order Scouts' prizes on this page.
Prizes will be ordered utilizing a web-based ordering portal, which is scheduled to go live the week of October 20.
Prize orders must be entered online by each Unit Popcorn Kernel no later than November 4 at 11:59 p.m. This even includes patches and ZoomZookas!

To order popcorn prizes this year, you will need to know each Scout's total popcorn sales. This includes sales via order form(s), storefront and online.

Devise a plan to collect this information from each Scout's parent or leader near the end of the sale, before prize orders are due. Perhaps request this information at your last pack/troop meeting prior to the November 4 deadline by passing a clipboard or asking parents to email the Unit Kernel a total sales figure by a certain date.


The following information will be requested online for each Scout that sold popcorn:

  • Scout's first and last name

  • Scout's age

  • Scout's total popcorn sales dollars

  • Scout's prize choices
         •  If sales exceed $100, order the patch;
         •  If sales exceed $200, order the gift card voucher;
         •  If sales exceed $1,500, did youth choose gift card voucher or Monster Jam incentive?
         •  If sales exceed $3,000, did youth choose gift card voucher or Polaroid action camera?
         •  If sales exceed $5,000, did youth choose gift card voucher or the Microsoft incentive?

Scout Shop gift card vouchers will be mailed to the Unit Kernels by December 31 as long as the unit's popcorn invoice is paid in full by December 5.  We are coordinating a "Popcorn Prize Pick-Up" day at Camp Belzer or Golden-Burke Scout Center -- more information to come later.  Satellite offices will also get popcorn prize inventory to distribute.  In case of distribution delays, please do not promise the Scouts these items before Christmas.

Popcorn Patch

Every Scout that sells at least $100 will earn a patch. Patches should be ordered through the prize ordering option in the Popcorn System by November 4. 

New Prize Program

Boys will earn Scout Shop vouchers (similar to gift cards) for 5% of their popcorn sales (rounded to the nearest $100).  This means more money in the pockets of the boys than ever before!  Boys may then redeem their voucher at any Council Service Center to purchase anything in the store (i.e. camping gear, first aid kit, uniform) or to use for any BSA fees (i.e. summer camp, registration, blue merit badge cards).  Units may not opt out of the prize program in 2014.  All boys will earn vouchers. 

High-Level Selling Rewards from Crossroads of America Council

Scouts who sell the amount indicated below between September 1 and November 4 (online, face-to-face, or both) are eligible for these rewards.

Check out these prizes that top-sellers can earn:

NOTE:  The ZoomZooka is a "bonus" reward -- it is earned on top of all other rewards.  The "top-selling rewards" ($1,500 and above) have improved in value this year, but they are you-pick-one options.  For example, if a boy sells $1,500 in popcorn, he must choose the 2 Monster Jam tickets (and the rest of that package -- see flyer above) OR the $75 Scout Shop gift card voucher.  He does not get both Monster Jam tickets and the voucher.  The Monster Jam reward exceeds $75 in value!   A boy must decide if the Monster Jam experience on the street level is more appealing than spending $75 in the Scout Shop.

College Scholarship Program

Scouts who sell at least $2,500 (either online, face-to-face or both) in one calendar year will be eligible to have 6% of his total sales investing into his own Trail's End College Scholarship account. Once a Scout is enrolled, 6% of all sales in following years are credited to the account and the account earns interest throughout the year.

Parents of Scouts must complete and submit the Trail's End scholarship form to enroll their child. If a Scout is already enrolled in the program, his parents must submit the completed for not only to enroll for the first time, but also to report subsequent yearly sales. Copies of the requested documents are required for processing. Please retain copies of any items that you submit. Forms and documentation should be submitted to Crossroads of America Council (popcorn@crossroadsbsa.org) for verification and approval. The council will submit forms to Trail's End on your behalf.

Further information about the Trail's End scholarship program can be found on the Trail's End program page.