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Need additional popcorn AFTER the sale?



Take the orders! We can fill them a few different ways:

1)  Talk to nearby units or your District Kernel to swap popcorn with other groups with leftover product.  (We are not accepting anymore Unit Transfer Forms, so swaps between units should occur off-the-record.)

2) We will offer additional pick-ups on Tuesdays at Camp Belzer, from 1-6 pm, without an appointment.

Tuesday, December 2, 1-6 pm --  Cash & Carry (no reservation needed, just arrive with your orders and cash/check (retail - unit commission))  

Tuesday, December 9, 1-6 pm -- Cash & Carry (no reservation needed, just arrive with your orders and cash/check (retail - unit commission))  

These items are currently in stock at Camp Belzer: 
Butter Light Microwave
Chocolately Caramel Crunch
Dark & White Chocolatey Drizzle
Buffalo Cheddar
Popping Corn

3)  Need to order something that we don't currently have in inventory?  Place reservation here to pick up in mid-December at Camp Belzer.  (Site will open on 12/3/14 at 1:00 pm and close on 12/9/14 at 8:00 a.m. -- THIS WILL BE THE LAST TIME WE PLACE AN ORDER WITH TRAIL'S END IN 2014!!!!).  You will be emailed a confirmed date and time of pick-up once popcorn has been ordered.

Outlying offices in Anderson, Hagerstown, Muncie and Terre Haute will have a very limited amount of product available after the November 4th deadline. Units might be able to pick up additional popcorn during normal business hours, but you should call to confirm availability first. If you live near one of these offices, check their product availability (call them / email them!) before you drive to the office.

** REMEMBER :  Unsold popcorn product, "returns", were due Tuesday, November 4, 2014.  We will not accept any more returns after this date.  No exceptions.