Need additional popcorn during the sale?

Initial unit orders were due September 5, 2014.
Quantity orders were in CASES not containers.
\Sell this popcorn at storefront sales and neighborhood blitzes.

Sale began September 20, 2014.

If you need additional popcorn during the sale (i.e. you sold out during your storefront sale or neighborhood blitz!), your Unit Popcorn Kernel may place an additional order here online (starting mid-September) to pick-up at Camp Belzer (6102 Boy Scout Road, Indianapolis, IN 46226) from 1:00-6:00 p.m. (no appointment necessary) on these 4 days:
   September 23
   September 30
   October 7
   October 14

All other additional pick-up times at Camp Belzer are by appointment only through the Council Popcorn Staff Advisor or Ranger Kevin Hobbs at Camp Belzer (317-546-6031).
To pick up additional product at Camp Belzer between October 15-November 3, contact Ranger Hobbs in advance, verify inventory availability, and schedule a pick-up date and time.

Outlying offices in Anderson, Hagerstown, Muncie and Terre Haute will have a very limited amount of product available. Units may pick up additional popcorn (or return popcorn) during normal business hours but should call to confirm availability first. If you live near one of these offices, check their product availability (call them / email them!) before you place a new order through this reservation method.

Final unit popcorn order is due November 4.
Quantity orders are in cases AND containers.  Brush up on your math to ensure you are ordering correctly!
Add up all of your Scouts' customers orders on their forms.  Subtract any leftover popcorn inventory from your initial & additional orders.  This is the amount of popcorn that you need to order!

**REMEMBER:  You may return unsold popcorn product (in excellent condition), in any increments (containers and/or cases), but you must return it to Camp Belzer or an approved Council Scout Service Center (Anderson, Hagerstown, Muncie, Terre Haute) during the above listed dates, or by appointment BY NOVEMBER 4, 2014, the last "return day."
If your unit misses this date, your unit will be held financially responsible for the unreturned product.