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This unit-run event is an opportunity to explain the popcorn sale to parents, build excitement and communicate expectations. Scheduling a unit kickoff after fall recruitment ensures new families are included. September meetings are an ideal time for a kickoff provided they are held before the sale starts on September 21.  Timing of the kickoff is important to give Scouts as much time as possible to impact their sale.

Kickoff Preparation

  • Attend the Ideal Kickoff training on June 12, 2013. Unit Kernels can also stream the training on YouTube by visiting the council's Google+ Popcorn page.
  • Read the Unit Leader's Guide.
  • Watch YouTube videos to get ideas on what your kickoff should include, look like, ideas for skits, chants, etc.
  • Promote kickoff date and time to all families.
  • Encourage both Scouts and parents to attend.

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