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Program Planning

Plan Your Program and Set Goals

Watch our webinar presentation on Program Planning from May 22, 2013 and learn how to plan your "Ideal Year of Scouting."

There are many different ways to determine how much your Scouting year costs and how popcorn funds are distributed in the unit. Some units do not charge any dues and solely use the popcorn sale to offset all programming costs. Imagine getting an entire year of Scouting, including camp, by just selling popcorn!

Annually, Scouting unit leaders and parents come together to plan the upcoming year through a process called program planning. This process allows units to easily determine the cost of a year of Scouting for each Scout. The amount is then converted to a popcorn sales goal and can be shared with all families in the unit.

Who: Leaders and Parents
What: Determine

1. Cost of a units years worth of activities and functions
2. Set a budget based on the anticipated cost
3. Decide what part of the budget can be raised through the popcorn sale.

Program planning materials can be found using the links below. 

If assistance is needed with this process, please contact a unit commissioner or your district executive.