Unit Kernel Resources

Council Unit Leader Manual 
Logging on to the Popcorn System
Popcorn System Login Page
Credit Card Reader Programs
Credit Card Payment Options
Fiscal Policies and Procedures for BSA Units
Fiscal Stewardship for Scouting Units
Popcorn Planning Worksheet
Prize Ordering Instructions
Opportunity for Growth Map
Selling Online Instructions (Scout)
Selling Online Instructions (Leader
Military Receipts
Merit Badges you can work on while selling popcorn
ZoomZooka - Fill it Up or Sell 30 Items prize (from order form)

Best Practices

CAC Storefront Sale Guidelines
CAC Storefront Sale Confirmation Letter
CAC Storefront Sale Request Letter
CAC Storefront Sale Thank You Letter
Inventory Management Form
Kickoff Letter for Parents
Sample Budget
Sample Calendar
Dr. Seuss Theme
Dr. Seuss Theme 2
Sample Mission Statement 

Inventory Management

Popcorn Pre-order Form
Pack Popcorn
Popcorn Customer Receipt
Popcorn Information Folder Insert
Popcorn Parent Receipt
Popcorn Return Form

Transfer Forms

2014 Pilot Product Transfer Form - To be used by HouKoda, Iron Horse, Pathfinder, Wabash Valley and Golden Eagle - Note only units may transfer to other units within the same district.

2014 Product Transfer Form

Popcorn E-Newsletters

8/15/14 (Sale Dates, 2014 Changes, Last Council Kickoff, Prize Program Flyer, Product Mix & Prices)
8/29/14 (Logging into Trail's End system, online sales, placing unit initial order, popcorn order forms)
9/12/14 (Pick up popcorn at warehouse, selling methods, Unit Kickoff picture/video, credit card readers)
9/26/14 (Additional Popcorn Pick-ups/Returns, Unit Transfers, Unit Kickoff picture/video, Scout Accounts, 15% due Oct 15)
10/10/14 (PRIZE PROGRAM-patch, ZoomZooka, gift card vouchers, how to order prizes, Monster Jam tickets, action camera, Microsoft incentive, Top 20 Sellers incentive, 15% due Oct 15)
10/24/14 (last wrap-up popcorn items, repeat-customer sales, online sales, Facebook/Twitter links)
11/7/14 (Pick up popcorn at warehouse, final payment due, total unit commission, popcorn garland strand/Santa's Workshop)
12/19/14 (Sale results, Top 20 sellers, Scout Shop vouchers, post-sale survey)