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If you find yourself unable to make it to any of our Crossroads of America Council Scout Shops please take advantage of any of the following ways of ordering.

BSA national policy prohibits us from selling uniforms online, but you can make selections using the following forms and fax or email them to any of the local council offices.  You can also utilize the shopping cart feature from www.scoutstuff.org to assemble your uniform order as well as find many other great scouting items and send that in.  We incourage you to utilize your local Council stores as often as possible as it helps support scouting within the Crossroads of America Council.  Shop Local, Buy Local, Scout Local. 

For custom items excleusive to the Crossroads of America Council you can also check out our new online store at www.crossroads.myshopify.com

uniform order forms 


Why cant I find everything I saw in the Boy Scout Catalog?

Due to the physical size limitations of our Council brick-and-mortar Scout Shops, even our Flagship location in Indianapolis, we are unable to fit everything offered in the Catalog or through www.scoutstuff.org in our stores.  However you will find all of the "core" Scouting merchandise in all 5 of our shops, as well as a huge selection of Council Specific Items.  In addition we offer camping gear and merchandise not available from the National Supply Division, Including.

Sea to Summit                Eureka            Eagles Nest Outfitters

MSR                           Atwood Rope            Mountain House