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2015 Camp Card sale begins February 14, 2015!

We are accepting Unit Camp Card Orders NOW!

We call them "Camp Cards" because youth could use these funds as a way to pay for summer camp, although funds could be used for any Scouting purpose.

A customer's $5 purchase is a gift that keeps on giving . . . for one year.
It's easy.  It's simple.  It's a no-brainer.

In our council's 2nd year of sales, an estimated 250 units in central Indiana will sell Camp Cards, earning $90,000 to pay for summer camp fees and other Scouting equipment.

Camp Cards are meant to complement, not take the place of, popcorn sales in the fall.

Unit promotional Camp Card posters (picture above) are available!
See your District Camp Card Chair or District Executive.

Promotional postcards were mailed to all registered Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts in Crossroads of America Council in mid-January.

Scouts & Parents:  Talk to your Unit Leader about your unit's participation in the sale.  Scouts may sell these on their own to raise some money for camp or equipment, or units can cohesively sell Camp Cards together as a whole den/patrol or unit.

Want to schedule a storefront sale at a Marsh store?

Have your Unit Camp Card Coordinator ask for availability and schedule these dates through each Store Manager.
Please do not contact the corporate Marsh offices.  Our council has been given a corporate Marsh agreement to support us by units directly scheduling these with individual stores.
The Girl Scout cookie sale coincides with our Camp Card sale, so be mindful that A SCOUT IS COURTEOUS as we both anticipate using similar space on similar dates.

2015 Camp Card Sale Timeline:

Unit Orders Due (to have by February Roundtable): 1/23/2015
Unit Orders Accepted:  1/5/2015 - 3/20/2015
Sale Begins:  2/14/2015
Sale Ends:  3/27/2015
Payment and unsold cards due by 4/13/2015

Selling price = $5.00 per card.
One card version for all 25 counties in the council.
Most vendor locations throughout central Indiana will accept discounts on card. 
Some franchise owners might choose not to participate.
Payment is due to the council at the end of sale -- No upfront costs for the boy or unit.


Initial Camp Card unit order form
Additional/Return Pick-up order form
Council is accepting unit orders from 1/5/15 through 3/20/15.
Send unit orders to jmerrell@crossroadsbsa.org or to your local Scout Service Center.

Unit Leader Guidebooks and money collection envelopes (with selling tips) will be included in each unit's order.
Unit Leader Tracking Form
2015 Camp Card Guide Book

Final confirmed vendors on the 2015 Camp Card:

*  Marsh - ONE-TIME USE -- $5 off $50 purchase  (expires 7/31/15)
*  Steak 'n Shake - ONE-TIME USE -- Buy one classic shake, get one classic shake free  (expires 12/31/15)
* NEW!  "You pick" electronic discount, specific to customer's zip code - ONE-TIME USE  (one-page explanation here)
*  Firestone - MULTI-USE -- $19.99 standard oil change  (expires 12/31/15)
*  Papa John's - MULTI-USE -- 40% off any online order  (expires 12/31/15)
*  Indianapolis Motor Speedway - MULTI-USE -- $10 off each ticket for any race

Can you help find a new vendor for 2016?

If you have ideas or a connection to a potential new vendor, please contact Staff Advisor, Leslie Anderson, at leanders@crossroadsbsa.org.