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Annual fundraising campaign

Family Division

The Family Friends of Scouting Campaign provides Scouting families with the opportunity to financially support the Crossroads of America Council, Boy Scouts of America. The presentations are typically conducted at unit meetings during the months of January, February or March and are most effective when most families will be in attendance, such as at a Pack Blue and Gold Banquet or a Troop Court of Honor. Presentations usually take about 15 minutes.

All contributions are used by the Crossroads of America Council to provide support and service to your unit and other Scouting units in Central Indiana.

Special recognitions are available for certain giving levels.

2014 Friends of Scouting Brochure

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Family Division - Unit Presenter Training

Why should you attend one of these trainings?

Need help polishing your spiel / sales pitch?
Do you know how to handle donor objections?
Want to learn more about the council budget and how donations are used?
Unsure about what materials are needed to make a successful presentation?
Do you know what materials get returned and submitted to the Scout Office afterwards?

We will cover all of these items in the training!

To schedule an orientation session on the changes for the 2014 FOS campaign, contact your local District Executive or Development Director, Leslie Anderson, at 317-813-7113 or leanders@crossroadsbsa.org .

Request a Friends of Scouting Presentation
Please complete the form below, allowing at least two weeks advance notice for a Friends of Scouting presentation.
** Please provide at least two weeks notice prior to the presentation date.

Thank you for submitting your presentation request. A Crossroads of America representitive will contact you to confirm your approintment.