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Skills Instructor Program

The Skills Instructor Program provides a unique opportunity for volunteers to serve Scouting in Central Indiana.  The program is unique to the Crossroads of America Council and has been fully operational since the opening of the Golden-Burke Scout Center in 2010.  Every week volunteer Skill Instructors come to the Center to teach their vast knowledge of Scouting skills and personal hobbies.  Check out our upcoming courses presented by Skills Instructors or learn more about the program below. 

What is a Skills Instructor?
A Skills Instructor helps serve the Crossroads of America Council and the Scouting Community by helping to develop our youth and enhance the leadership skills of our adults.  Skills Instructors accomplish this by teaching Scouting skills to adult volunteers.  Skills instructors teach a wide range of courses, from mandatory trainings, like Scoutmaster Specific, to special interest courses, like Unique Cooking.  The knowledge and skills that volunteers learn in these courses will help them to provide a more enriching experience for the youth in their units.  Because of this, Skills Instructors are an invaluable resource to the Crossroads of America Council.

Become a Skills Instructor
We need instructors to teach skills to other volunteers and parents at the Golden-Burke Scout Center.  You can teach mandatory Scout trainings (e.g., Scoutmaster Specific) or a personal interest course of your choice (e.g., How to Make a Fire Piston).

We also need volunteers to work at the Skills Instructor Desk in the lobby.  These volunteers assist guests who come in to the Center and work on ongoing projects.  We are looking to fill morning, afternoon, and evening slots.  You could volunteer for a few hours, once or twice a week, or even once a month.

Skills Instructors need a basic knowledge of Scouting skills, the ability to relay knowledge and demonstrate skills to others, and a willingness to work with other people (youth and adults).

If you are interested in becoming a Skills Instructor please fill out a Skills Instructor Interest Form (Print Version or Online Version).  You can also contact volunteer@crossroadsbsa.org for more information. 

Skills Instructor Incentives
Providing knowledge and guidance that helps the youth and adult leaders of the Crossroads of America Council further themselves in Scouting, is one of the highest and most worthwhile incentives this job can bring.  To further our appreciation to you, Skills Instructors are eligible for the following incentives:

Scout Uniform Discount
Skills instructors will receive a discount on uniform items in the Crossroads of America Council’s Scout shop.

Temporary Patch
On their first day with us, a Skills Instructor will receive a temporary pocket patch to identify them as a member of our team of Skills Instructors.

Skills Instructor Patch
Skills Instructor Polo Shirt
On their first day of service, a Skills Instructor will also receive a Skills Instructor polo shirt. This polo is available only to our volunteers.
Skills Instructor Polo 
Name Tag
Skills Instructors will also receive a personalized metallic name tag.  This name tag identifies them as a member of the Skills Instructor team.

Skills Instructor Name Tag 
Skills Instructor Council Strip
After volunteering a minimum of 40 hours of service, a Skills Instructor will receive a restricted Crossroads of America Council Skills Instructor Council Strip.  After 80 hours, they will receive a second.  The levels will continue through 120 hours, 160 hours, and 200 hours.

Skills Instructor Service Hours Patches 

Skills Instructor Hall of Fame
After volunteering a minimum of 200 hours of service, a Skills Instructor will become eligible for induction into the Skills Instructor Hall of Fame.  Inductees’ names and induction dates are engraved onto the Hall of Fame plaque and the most recent inductee’s photograph is displayed.  The Hall of Fame plaque is displayed in the lobby of the Golden-Burke Scout Center.

Skills Instructor Volunteer Board of Directors

Sheri Chandler
Member at Large: Harley Floerke

Golden-Burke Scout Center
7125 Fall Creek Road North
Indianapolis, IN 46256-3167
Phone: (317) 813-7125
Fax: (317) 813-7126

Jay Soucy
Training Director
(317) 813-7095