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University of Scouting

Welcome to the Crossroads of America Council's University of Scouting!  You are embarking on a training adventure unlike any in this council, or any other.  Our university began as a training experience for commissioners.  Through time, however, the college was opened, by popular demand, to unit leaders.  In 1996, the college evolved into the university, to allow Scouters to grow, learn, and earn degrees.  In 1998, our university became the premier training ground for district committee members.

Join the alumni and freshman class of this year's University of Scouting.  The University is the official training grounds for newly appointed members of our district committees.  Additionally, our unit leaders find an exciting array of courses. The year the Pow Wow training program has been adjusted and added to the University of Scouting.

The university is based on the nationally recognized Four-Function Plan.  The Four Functions of the council and its districts are: Program, including training, camping/outdoor, advancement, and activities/ civic service; Unit Service, the commissioner function; Finance, which also includes the marketing aspect; and Membership/ Relationships.   The four colleges of the University are organized according to these four functions.   In addition to the four colleges of the University, we have a very diverse selection of courses in General Studies.

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Jay Soucy
Training Director
(317) 813-7095