Youth Protection Training

Youth Protection Training is required for all registered Scout leaders and must be completed every two years. At all times, youth safety is the number one priority. At the same time, adults need to know the rules for keeping themselves safe, too. Comprehensive Youth Protection Training teaches all the do’s and don’ts of working with youth. The training is offered through the Online Learning Center, or it may be taken as part of a district or council training course.

Each Month the Youth Protection Champion will be sending out a reminder email to renew your Youth Protection training.  The notice will target you if you are Expired, 30 day notice, 60 day notice and 90 day notice.  This will help you plan ahead for updating your training.  The online training takes about 35 minutes to complete or you can contact your district training chair to schedule a in person training.

Adults may complete training online at or contact Jay Soucy for information.