Pack Best Practices


To help units understand the Scouting organization the Crossroads of America Council had developed the Best Practices program. Through a series of Best Practices modules, each district is offering units individualized and focused programs to address their needs in a group setting. There are a variety of topics intended to be selected by units to strengthen their program and help them earn the Journey to Excellence award, which is a good guide for a healthy unit.

Packs, Troops and Crews are the backbone of Scouting. The best units have;
• Active leaders
• A planned program
• A budget
• Trained leaders
• A process where Scouting families help choose activities
• Scouts going to summer camp and have monthly activities

Best Practices Summary
• Using these modules does not replace position training or unit service
• Each module is a short introduction to helpful topics
• Each module shares additional support available to your unit
• Sessions should be 20-30 minutes 
• District sessions can be done where your unit meets
• This process helps encourages parents to volunteer at the unit or district level

We hope you enjoy this exciting new program that is designed to provide assistance to units based on your needs and schedule.  

Cub Scout Modules - Introductory Level
Advancement Programs - Packs       

Module Summary       Presentation
Effective Pack Meetings            
Module Summary        Presentation
Engage Parents to Become Leaders     
Module Summary           Presentation
How can the District help me?         
Module Summary           Presentation
Building a Fun Program for our Pack and Fund It    
Module Summary           Presentation
Let's Get the Unit Committee Organized       
Module Summary           Presentation
Roadmap to a strong Pack - Journey to Excellence (JTE)        
Module Summary           Presentation
School Night Recruitment for Cub Scouts        
Module Summary           Presentation
Securing and Utilizing an Effective In-Unit Trainer     
Module Summary           Presentation
Succession Planning           
Module Summary         Presentation
Transition from Webelos to Boy Scouts     
Module Summary           Presentation
Understanding adult training requirements and your training path    
Module Summary           Presentation
Use Published Scout Materials to Help your Pack     
Module Summary           Presentation

Cub Scout Modules - Intermediate Level
Best Practices for Summertime Pack Activity     

Module Summary           Presentation
Blue and Gold Banquet Success     
Module Summary           Presentation
Every Cub Scout to Camp     
Module Summary        Presentation
Utilizing Technical Resources for Communication and Programming      
Module Summary           Presentation

If you have questions about this program please contact your district executive or Activities and Civic Service Director Ryan Keys at .