Marketing Resources

Local Resources
Crossroads of America Social Media Guidelines  
Crossroads of America Website Guidelines

Disctrict and Unit PR Support Materials
Below are simple templates that can be used in public relations efforts.

Generic Media Release

Membership Results
Recognition or Award Media Release
Boy Scout Camp Krietenstein
Boy Scout Camp Ransburg
Boy Scout Court of Honor
Boy Scout Eagle Recognition
Community Service Release
Boy Scout Media Advisory
Cub Scout Camp Belzer
Cub Scout Camp Kikthawenund
Cub Scout Graduation 
Scout Pinewood Derby
Generic Media Advisory
Boy Socut Blue and Gold

Social Media Resources
Below are step by step instruction on how to get started on social media by creating user accounts.

National Resources
Marketing Tool Box (photos, videos, fact sheets and many more resources)
Action Images
Offical Scouting Logos
Power Point Templates
Marketing Webinars
Social Media Guidelines
Launguage of Scouting  ( Alphabetical Listing of Terms and Style, Abberviations and Acronymns, etc)