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Recruitment Resources

Scouting is a year-round program, so we need to make Scouting available for families to join any time during the year. The goal of year-round Cub Scout recruitment is to provide boys the opportunity to join Scouting and ultimately stay involved so they can receive the full benefits of our youth development program. A variety of resources are available here to assist with planning your recruitment efforts.

Thank you for all you do and delivering the promise of Scouting to the youth in your community!

2014 Cub Scout Recruitment Guidebook for Unit Leaders    

Additional Resources and Forms
Pack Recruiting Coordinator Sign-Up Form
Cub Scout Recruiting Report
Scheduling Form
Leadership Inventory
Parent Attendance Sheet
Recruiting Incentives  
Parent Talent Survey
Adult Application   
Youth Application  

Marketing Materials  

Cub Scout Campfire Flier   Door Hangers 
Cub Scout Fishing Flier   Bookmark 
Cub Scout Flag Football Flier   Yard Sign 
Cub Scout Pinewood Derby 1 Flier   Stickers 
Cub Scout Pinewood Derby 2 Flier Press Release/Newsletter Article Template
Cub Scout Campfire Poster Pack Fact Sheet Template
Cub Scout Pinewood Derby Poster Cub Scout Recruitment Talking Points
Boy Scout Flier
New Parent Orientation Guide

Pack Incentive Goals (listed by district)
Golden Eagle
Hou Koda
Iron Horse
North Star
Old Trail
Sugar Creek
Wabash Valley

Additional Recruitment Methods 
Additional Recruitment Methods  
BeAScout- Unit Leader Training