Indy Middle of the Night

2009 Event Flyer

Indy Middle of the Night is an annual recognition program held for all registered Explorers and all registered Venturers throughout the Crossroads of America Council.

This event takes place in the month of November each year. 2009 will mark the 17th year Indy Middle of the Night has been in existence!

The Exploring Program takes the first 300 students who sign up from Exploring and Venturing combined on a tour of Indianapolis between the hours of 7pm and 7am.

Between 7pm and 7am we visit various venues throughout the night. Past venues have included:

We spend between one hour to a hour and a half at each venue having fun and learning more about that business before moving on to the next venue.

Typically we start off at a Pacers game between the hours of 7pm to 10pm. Upon the completion of the Pacers game we move on to the next venue transporting students in groups of 50 on charter buses throughout the remainder of the event. As of the last 4 years we end our night between 5am and 7am at Jillian's downtown where they provide the students with unlimited game play on arcade games and breakfast.

Indy Middle of the Night has a police escort provided by the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department to get us from venue to venue. Also Care Ambulance provides the event with an ambulance that follows the caravan of buses throughout the night in the event of someone needing medical attention.

The students get a chance to relax, have fun, network with other students in other Exploring Posts and Venturing Crews all throughout the night while under the supervision of volunteer parents and adults.

This is a very unique program that is one of it's kind throughout the nation!

For more information contact the Exploring office at (317) 925-1900 ext. 264