Career Interest Surveys

The Exploring Career Interest Surveys are distributed to Middle and High schools throughout and around Central Indiana to help determine the career interests of students.

The surveys are distributed and collected FREE of cost! The front of the survey collects the basic information of the student. On the back of the survey the student will find 197 different careers they can choose from, we ask that they select two careers.

After compiling the information from all of the surveys we have collected we then give this information the participating organizations with whom we work (see list of participating organizations).

These businesses invite the students and their parents to come and check their program out at an Open House.

So in all, the Career Interest Surveys are the heart of the Exploring Program. The surveys are the tool of connecting students to careers.

If you have any questions about the Career Interest Surveys or if your school may want to participate, please give us a call at the Exploring office, (317) 925-1900.

View Sample Survey