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2014 Popcorn Sale ended November 4, 2014!

Thank you to the following District Popcorn Kernels for coordinating the fundraising efforts in each of their districts in the fall of 2014:  

DM Rich  Purcell
GE Ashley Barella-Davis
HK Josh Egan
NE Jenny Mondy
NS Tom Petersen
OT Tricia Grams
IH Sarah Dagley
PF Beth Stinson
PI Ron Corbett
SC John     Fitzpatrick
SK Charity Gosler
TS Bryant Marion
WV Dustin Striegel



Click "Additional Product" on the left side of the screen for more information.

Camp Belzer is not selling popcorn anymore this year.  Tuesday pick-ups, or by-appointment pick-ups are no longer available.  Purchases, for limited types of products, while supplies last, are available for purchase at the Golden-Burke Scout Center Scout Shop, during business hours.

NEW!  Changes in 2014:
      *  Commission Structure
      *  Incentive / prize program
      *  2 new popcorn products:   White Cheddar Cheese & Microwave Kettle Corn
      *  5 council-level popcorn kickoffs (trainings) will be offered July-August (trainings not provided by districts)
      *  60% of products are $20 or less
      *  Containers are returnable (unsold partial cases may be returned)

2014 Product Mix and Prices

Unit Kernel Manual

Popcorn Order Form

Navigate to the appropriate button to the left to learn more about our annual popcorn sale.

Questions? Contact Jean Merrell at (317) 813-7098 or at popcorn@crossroadsbsa.org