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Wood Badge Offered by Crossroads of America

Wood Badge is advanced Scout leader training that began in 1919 by Lord Baden-Powell, founder of Scouting and Wood Badge’s first director. It came to America in 1948 and has been updated to reflect current BSA policies and programs. Incorporating the best  techniques available, Wood Badge has become the most advanced leadership training course in Scouting!

Wood Badge is the highest level of Scout leadership training and provides participants with the tools to be a well-rounded leader. The leadership skills taught are for volunteers from all Scouting areas including Cub Scouting, Scouts BSA, Venturing and the district and council.

The course is delivered over two weekends. The first half of the course utilizes a classroom environment and practical exercised to teach the essentials of leadership. The second half offers classroom and outdoor experiences to help you learn the application of leadership skills. Finally, you will write and complete a “ticket”. The “tickets” consists of five written goals. These goals connect your new leadership knowledge to your role in Scouting. 

Any adult volunteers who has completed basic training for their registered position can attend.

2020 Wood Badge Association Dinner (Time and place TBA)

Wood Badge Scholarships 

Scholarships are available to applicants to help lessen the financial burden of the course. Assistance is also available through several sources such as your unit, chartered partner or employer. Typical scholarships are one half of the application fee and submission deadlines vary. 

Wood Badge Scholarship Application

AFL-CIO Scholarship

VFW Scholarship

April 24-26 September 11-13 and May 9-10 September 26-27, 2020
Early Bird Fee – $250
$275 after January 24, 2020
Course Director:
Scott Scull
Sept. 11-13 & Sept. 26-27
Early Bird Fee – $250
$275 after June 11, 2020
Course Director:
Jenny Weber
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