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Crossroads of America Council Leadership

Crossroads of America Council is led by an Executive Board and Committee, comprised of: the Council President, Council Commissioner, Scout Executive, Vice Presidents, Directors and District Chairs.

John T. Thompson


John T. Thompson


John R. Wiebke

Joseph E. Wiltrout

Scout Executive/CEO

Joseph E. Wiltrout

Executive Board & Committee

Our Council is currently led by the following people.



John T. Thompson


Rafael Sanchez


John R. Wiebke 

Past President

Steven M. Bestard


Charles P. Fippen

Vice President, Administration

Vice President, Activities

Frank J. Esposito

Ronald W. Penczek

Vice President, Development

J. Jeffery Brown

Vice President, District Operations

Layla N. Spanenberg

Asst. Vice President, District Operations – East


Asst. Vice President, District Operations – Central

Joseph P. Wehrheim

Asst. Vice President, District Operations – West

Edward A. Pease

Vice President, Marketing

Deana R. Haworth

Vice President, Membership & Relationships

Timothy D. George

Vice President, Program

David R. Cobb

Vice President, Properties

N. Anthony Steinhardt III

Vice President, Strategic Plan


Members At Large

Gary L. Hobbs
Steven A. Holt

Scout Executive/CEO

Joseph E. Wiltrout


Strother H. Brann
Dr. Virginia A. Caine
David J. Certo

Linda M. Conti
Mark A. Glazier
Lauren Grey Flanagan

Chuck Goodrich
Michael J. Hebenstreit
Denise Herd
Charles T. Hiltunen
Reginald Jones
Anthony R. Jost
Ryan C. Kitchell
Rachel Leslie
Daniel O. Lopez

David R. Lundstorm
Kathy Martin Harrison
Michael K. McCrory


Clark M. Millman
Dr. Ryan D. Nagy

Paul Okeson
Steven F. Pockrass

Jeff Raatz
John P. Ryan
Jamal Smith
Kevin P. Speer

Jason Sondhi
Shannon Stahley
David S. Sternasty
James E.  Thomas
Thomas E. Vanneman
Andrew V. Wilkinson
Bill Wilson
Joseph E. Wiltrout

District Chairs

Bear Creek

Matthew L. Fisher

Fall Creek

Gerald Frazier

Five Creeks

Brooks (Bo) O. Weller


Jason A. King


Angela K. Adelsberger

Wabash Valley

Timothy Pittman

White River

Daniel L. Joyce

Youth Representatives

Firecrafter Chief

Ryan Wainscott

Order of the Arrow Chief

Brian Jared Truell

Are you a member of the Executive Board or Committee for Crossroads of America Council?