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Adopt-a-School Program

Community service serves as one of the pillars of the Scouting experience. As the world changes, the need for community service still exists and the need grows every day. Through the Boy Scouts of America and Adopt-a-School program, we can help alleviate this need through Scouting units partnering with their local schools throughout Indiana!

We invite you and your Scouts to participate in a service project on Saturday, August 27, 2022. Adopt-a-School projects proactively build relationships with your Scouting program and your local school. Scouts learn the importance of giving back while taking ownership and pride for their school.

Connect with your district civic service chair or your district executive to help assist you with planning, project ideas and scheduling.

BSA Adopt-a-School

Frequently Asked Questions

We request a one-day commitment, but our hope is to build strong, sustained relationships with these schools over the long-term.

Your pledge would be to complete one project on Saturday, August 7, 2021.

We expect the school representatives to be cooperative in identifying their needs and in helping to outline the project that will best satisfy those needs.

We expect school representatives and Scout leaders to do projects that are age appropriate. Please follow Guide to Safe Scouting guidelines.

The unit committee chair/unit civic service chair or unit committee member/parent who has the strongest connection to a local school.

We would encourage you to contact the principal first, then involve teachers and the PTA on an as-needed basis. In some school districts you may need to get approval from the superintendent first, before making contact with the principal.

There are many ways to approach this situation, please contact your district civic service chair or district executive so that we may assist you in building a successful relationship with your school.

Before you officially meet with school officials, we recommend you call them and identify which union representatives might also need to be included in your initial meeting. Then, sit down with all concerned to decide the school’s needs and how Scouts can be of assistance.

Project Ideas

Below are a few potential project ideas to get started, but priority remains to let the school’s specific needs determine your unit’s service.

  • Grounds beautification
  • Building improvements
  • Giving Tree coordination
  • Teacher appreciation
  • Helpers during festivals
  • Book Drive coordination
  • Clean-up after school events
  • Green effort coordination
  • Literacy program
  • Food Drive coordination