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Del-Mi District of Crossroads of America Council

The Del-Mi District of Crossroads of America Council serves 96 Scouting units located within the following counties in central Indiana: Hamilton and Tipton. These units have more than 4,300 members that are supported by 1,200 unit and district volunteers.

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Importance of Training

Every young person in the Scouting program needs and deserves a leader who understands the aims of the program and knows how to deliver it with enthusiasm and fun–in short, a trained leader. Because they understand their role, trained leaders have a positive influence on the live of youth. Research shows that Scouts with trained leaders enjoy the program more and stay in it longer. How well we influence the lives of these youth depends on their leaders’ understanding of the program and their responsibilities. 

All registered leaders MUST FIRST take Youth Protection Training before assuming a leadership role. It is strongly recommended that parents of all Scouts take this training as well–it cannot hurt to know what to expect from your son’s adult leaders and protects everyone involved in the unit by helping avoid any ambiguities arising from “not knowing” basic Youth Protection principles.

Popcorn Sales

Scouting units can earn enough money through the popcorn fundraising sale to fund their Scouting year! Would you like for your Scouts to attend summer camp, participate in Scouting events, and be recognized for their achievements all at no additional cost? Encourage Scouts to sell popcorn! Need new unit equipment? Sell popcorn!

Most unit fundraisers max out at 50% profit and raise funds needed to support the unit. Last year, more than 73% of gross retail popcorn sales were returned to support Scouting – benefiting youth, units, districts, and the council. You can be proud to sell Trail’s End popcorn because the products are delicious and the proceeds benefit everyone.

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Unit Fundraisers

Each year, thousands of youth depend upon the money earned from unit fundraisers to attend summer camp, pay for annual registration or attend monthly activities.

Each unit who participates in a money raising project that is not endorsed by the council, must submit a Unit Money-Earning Application at least two weeks before the proposed fundraiser to the Del-Mi District Unit Fundraising Coordinator.

Upcoming Events

Our District boasts a variety of events throughout the year. To learn more about events happening around the Council, click here to view the Council’s calendar.


Our District is currently supported by the following people; however, new volunteers are always welcome! Please contact our District Executive to find out how you can become involved at the District level.

Professional Staff

District Director

District Executive

Volunteer Management Team

District Chair

District Commissioner

District Vice Chair

District Vice Chair

Communications Committee

Vice Chair – Communications

Data Management Chair

Development Committee

Vice Chair – Development

FOS Family Chair

District Popcorn Kernel


Membership Committee

Vice Chair – Membership

Family Scouting Coordinator

Program Committee

Vice Chair – Program

Activities & Civic Service

Camping & Outdoor

Firecrafter Advisor – Prairie Valley Ember

Order of the Arrow Advisor – Quanasita Chapter

District Chaplain

Training Committee

Training Chair

Advancement Committee

Advancement Chair

Eagle Board Chair

Roundtable Commissioners

Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner

Scouts BSA Roundtable Commissioner


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Hamilton County Series Sponsors

We are grateful for the following individuals, corporations and organizations who have made a significant investment in the the programs and services offered by the Del-Mi District and Central Indiana Boy Scouts of America.

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