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Additional Trainings by Crossroads of America


IOLS for the Scouts BSA Outdoor Program Can be taken together with BALOO Training or by itself , click here for course information. 

Chartered Organization Representatives

Training for the chartered organization representative (COR) is available online at and will give the participant an understanding of the important role they play in the organization of the Boy Scouts of America. Topics included in this include: how Scouting operates, duties, the district committee, and case study problem solving.

Committee Challenge (Pack/Troop/Crew/Post)

The Committee Challenge training has been developed to help Committee Members better understand their roles and responsibilities and is available online at

CPR/AED Courses

Any individual wishing to become CPR & AED Certified. You will receive your ECSI Certification via email after completion of course.

No dates scheduled at this time.

First Aid Courses

Any individual wishing to become First Aid Certified. You will receive your ECSI Certification via email after completion of course.

No dates scheduled at this time.

Hazardous Weather

Available online at

Leave No Trace Trainer

Training for front country for Cub Scouts, backcountry for youth in Scouts BSA, and wilderness for older Scouts. Training for teaching BSA-LNT 101 & other courses. Backpacking overnight with LNT cooking. Introduction to Outdoor Ethics & Tread Lightly. Open to adults and scouts 14+ with approval of SM/Advisor. Graduates fully meet BSA “Leave No Trace Trainer” National Camp Standard and youth qualify for Leave No Trace Trainer position of responsibility in Troop, Team or Crew.

No dates scheduled at this time.

Leave No Trace Master Educator Course

This course is a two-weekend version of a five-day course that trains passionate individuals to serve as Leave No Trace Master Educators. Master Educators work with their council’s outdoor ethics advocate to provide Leave No Trace Trainer, and outdoor ethics awareness courses.

No dates scheduled at this time.

Leave No Trace Outdoor Ethics Guide, Tread Lightly, Land Ethics Course for 12 yrs & above/adults

No dates scheduled at this time.

Marlinspike Skills

Join us at Marlinspike Skills to learn how to tie some of the most interesting and decorative knots that you will ever see, including the Monkey’s Fist and Turk’s Head Knots, along with many practical knots. This adult only course offers hands-on instruction by the council’s best teachers for knots and rope work. For registration click here.

Merit Badge Counselor Training Courses

This is a one hour training provided to adults that wish to teach scouts one of the over 100 merit badges offered.  You will learn how to guide, and enable a scout how to complete a merit badge.  Also, understand how Youth Protection Training connects to being a merit badge counselor. There is an web based training offered under the online training page or you can attend one of the monthly MBC trainings offered at the Golden Burke Scout Center, please check the council calendar.

For 2022 Merit Badge Counselor Training Courses dates and registration click here.

NYLT (National Youth Leadership Training)

 NYLT is a six-day course for youth patterned after a month in the life of a unit. Content is delivered in a group and team outdoor setting with an emphasis on immediate application of learning in a fun environment. Learn more on our NYLT webpage.

Train the Trainer

The Fundamentals of Training, is designed to help Scouters, regardless of their experience, present effective training. The course will also help those who might have trained for other organizations learn the BSA’s training techniques. And, it will help freshen up the skills of current BSA trainers. Only practice can polish these skills, but this course is intended to “train the trainer” on behaviors and resources while offering hands on experience in methods and media.

No dates scheduled at this time.

University of Scouting

Every Scout deserves a trained leader. The University of Scouting, the premier training event in the council, is one of the easiest ways for adult volunteers to achieve this goal. This single-day training event is designed to supplement any leader’s training. Any Scout leader may attend. Learn more on the University of Scouting page.

Voyageur Canoe Training

Voyageur training is canoe use and safety training for Scouts and Scouters. This training covers Safety Afloat and Safe Swim Defense, policy review, planning trips and tour permits as well as learning how to use a canoe. The Voyageur spring course is two weekends and takes place at Camp Belzer on the east side of Indianapolis utilizing the waters of Fall Creek and Geist Reservoir. The Voyageur fall course is a three day course for youth at Camp Krietenstein using their lake and the Eel River.

Only Voyageur trained leaders may rent council canoes and kayaks. For information on rental, visit our equipment rentals page or download the flyer below.


Wilderness First Aid

The Emergency Care and Safety Institute (ECSI) Wilderness First Aid course is for those who work, live or play in remote areas- away from the usual EMS service. Even though the emergency workers near these areas may be trained to search for and rescue those in need, there may be a delay in the notification of assistance, the time required to get to the patient, or in moving the patient to more advanced treatment. Participants will learn components such as how to apply a splint and how to treat hypothermia. If you are attending a Scouting high adventure base, you will need to take this training. If your troop or crew is planning a high adventure outing, at least one member of the unit should be certified in this training.

Wood Badge

Wood Badge is the highest level of Scout leadership training and provides participants with the tools to be a well-rounded leader. Learn more on the Wood Badge page.

Youth Protection Training

Available online at

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