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Frequently Asked Questions on Training

What is the training policy of the Crossroads of America Council?

Crossroads of America Council has adopted a policy of requiring all Direct Contact Leaders to be trained for their respective leadership positions. The council is committed to providing the highest quality program possible to the youth it serves. Having trained adult leaders is critical to fulfilling that commitment. Every youth deserves a trained leader.

Scouts BSA Leaders who assume Direct Contact positions must complete position specific training by December 31 of that year.

Venturing and Sea Scout Leaders who assume Direct Contact positions must complete position specific training within 90 days of registering or if registering after September 30, must complete position specific training by December 31 of that year.

Districts may elect to require other leaders to be trained for their respective position to be register.

All required training is available online at my.scouting.org with exception to Intro to Outdoor Leader Skills required for Scouts BSA. For a list of upcoming classroom trainings, check the Council Training page or Calendar page.

What is a Direct Contact Leader?

Cub Scout Direct Contact Leaders are:

Assistant Cubmaster
Den Leader (Lion, Tiger, Wolf, Bear, & Webelos)
Assistant Den Leader (Wolf, Bear, & Webelos)

Scouts BSA Direct Contact Leaders are:
Assistant Scoutmaster
Venturing Direct Contact Leaders are:
Crew Advisor
Associate Advisor
Sea Scouting Direct Contact Leaders are:
Exploring Direct Contact Leaders are:

Associate Advisor


What training is required?

The trainings required for all Direct Contact Leaders are:

Youth Protection Training (available online or classroom)
Hazardous Weather Training (available online)

All online modules list for the respective positions available in the training center at my.scouting.org or in-person Position-Specific Training (classroom). A list of all online position specific training requirements by program and position is available at www.scouting.org/training/adult under Basic Leader Requirements.

For Scouts BSA leaders only, in-person Intro to Outdoor Leader Skills.

How long does it take to complete positions specific training?

Youth Protection Training required for all positions takes approximately 1 hour to complete, in addition to the applicable online position specific training below:

Cub Scouts, Cubmaster & Assistant Cubmaster – Approximately 2 hours
Cub Scouts, Den Leader & Assistant Den Leader – Approximately 2 hours, 10 mins
Scouts BSA, Scoutmaster & Assistant Scoutmaster – Approximately 3 hours, 10 mins – Required Intro to Outdoor Leader Skills is typically an overnight course
Venturing, Crew Advisor & Associate Advisor – Approximately 2 hours, 50 mins
Exploring Advisor & Associate Advisor – Approximately 2 hours, 20 mins
Sea Scouts, Skipper & Mate – Approximately 1 hour, 40 mins

I heard that Hazardous Weather training is required to be direct contact leader trained, is this true?

Starting April 30, 2018 new direct contact leaders must complete Hazardous Weather training to be considered position trained. Hazardous Weather training is included in the direct contact leader training plans and estimated completions times.

If I am trained in my current position, will I be required to take Hazardous Weather now to retain the trained designation?

No, if you are currently trained in your position you will not be required to take the additional course now. To stay current, the new course (SCO_800) will need to be taken after WS81 is two years old. We recommend if you have not taken the updated course (SCO_800) that you do so to have the most current content.  

Also, Hazardous Weather, like Youth Protection Training, expires every two years.

I was told that all leaders are required to be trained. Is the true?

The answer is maybe. While the Crossroads of America Council policy is that all direct contact leaders must be trained, in 2016 some districts stared requiring all leaders to be trained. These districts may continue this requirement. Please contact your district training chair or unit commissioner for more information regarding any district specific requirements.

I thought Lion Guides only needed to complete Youth Protection Training. Why is Den Leader training now required?

The Lion pilot program is being integrated into the Cub Scout program. Lion Guides are now Den Leaders to align with the rest of the Cub Scout program.

Why does the council not have a record of training I completed online?

If you have completed a course online and it does not appear in your council training records, it is most often because your BSA ID# has not been added to your my.scouting.org account profile. Only you can correct this issue. If you do not know your BSA ID#, get it from your unit leader or training coordinator and add it to your profile. Sign in to my.scouting.org  click on Menu, Legacy Web Tools, Manage Member ID and enter your BSA ID #. All training completed after your BSA ID# is added to your profile will automatically be added to your Scout record.

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