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Locations of the After School Scouting Program

Thank you to all of our schools and other hosts who help make Scouting possible. If you know of a location that would benefit from the After School Scouting Program, please contact one of our professional staff members. Below are a list of all of our current unit locations.

Unit Location Leaders District Executive
Pack 2Center For Inquiry- School 2Breaira O'SheaMary Kate McFarling
Minnie Washington
Troop 2Center For Inquiry- School 2Daniel TraylorMary Kate McFarling
James Godsil
Pack 12Garden City Elementary School
Pack 15Thomas Gregg Neighborhood School
Pack 16American Legion at Indiana School for the BlindLisabeth DavisMary Kate McFarling
Troop 16American Legion at Indiana School for the BlindLisabeth DavisMary Kate McFarling
Pack 18SENSE Charter School
Pack 19SUPER School, Inc
Pack 30Paramount School of ExcellenceJanna TurnerMary Kate McFarling
Chyvon Britton
David Gray
Pack 31James A. Garfield IPS 31
Pack 34Eleanor Skillen School #34Jeffrey ConoverMary Kate McFarling
Sashah Robertson
Pack 39William McKinley IPS 39Janna TurnerMary Kate McFarling
Melissa Cox
Chyvon Britton
Now Hiring!
Troop 40Coming Soon! - Tindley Accelerated AcademyJames GodsilMary Kate McFarling
Now Hiring!
Pack 42Ignite Achievement AcademyChyvon BrittonMary Kate McFarling
Sashah Robertson
Pack 43James Whitcomb Riley IPS 43Sashah RobertsonMary Kate McFarling
Daniel Traylor
Pack 46Daniel Webster IPS 46
Pack 47Edison School of the Arts
Pack 49William Penn #49
Pack 51James Russell Lowell IPS 51
Pack 54Brookside IPS 54Melissa CoxMary Kate McFarling
Sashah Robertson
Pack 56Francis W. Parker IPS 56Jackson GallagherMary Kate McFarling
Emily Deely
Patty Deely
Pack 58Ralph Waldo Emerson IPS 58Now Hiring!Mary Kate McFarling
Now Hiring!
Pack 59Harrison Hill Elementary SchoolTycelyn RushMary Kate McFarling
Timothy Foster
Pack 60Paramount School of Excellence Community HeightsChyvon BrittonMary Kate McFarling
Marima Bah
David Gray
Pack 61Clarence Farrington IPS 61Coby HootenMary Kate McFarling
Pack 63Matchbook Learning at Wendell Phillips IPS 63
Troop 63Matchbook Learning at Wendell Phillips IPS 63
Pack 67Stephen Foster 67
Pack 74Theodore Potter IPS 74
Pack 79Carl Wilde IPS 79
Pack 82Christian Park IPS 82
Pack 83Coming Soon! - Floro Torrence 83
Pack 87George Washington Carverer 87
Pack 90Ernie Pyle IPS 90
Pack 91Rousseau McClellan IPS 91Jeffrey ConoverMary Kate McFarling
Brooklyn Tillette
Pack 93George H. Fisher IPS 93Janna TurnerMary Kate McFarling
Dominic Nevins
Pack 94Coming Soon! - George S. Buck IPS 94
Pack 96Coming Soon! - Meredith Nicholson School 96
Pack 105Charles Warren Fairbanks IPS 105Kenyatta HorneMary Kate McFarling
Dominic Nevins
Pack 107Lew Wallace IPS 107
Troop 123Troop 123Nathan WilliamsMary Kate McFarling
Leonard Richardson
Suni Sami
Troop 202Chase Near Eastside Legacy Center
Pack 422School for Community Learning
Troop 422School for Community Learning
Pack 502Coming Soon! - Rhodes Elementary
Pack 908Cold Spring SchoolAli AbdulrasheedMary Kate McFarling
Joshua Lazenby
Brooklyn Tillette
Pack 910St. Philip Neri School
Pack 914Washington Irving IPS 14Patty DeelyMary Kate McFarling
Emily Deely
David Gray
Pack 955Eliza A. Blaker IPS 55Jeffrey ConoverMary Kate McFarling
Allyson Conrad
Pack 959Charity Church Now Hiring!Mary Kate McFarling
Now Hiring!
Troop 959Edna Martin Christian CenterSashah RobertsonMary Kate McFarling
Leonard Richardson
Suni Sami
Pack 1000Coming Soon! - Nora Elementary
Pack 2017Circle City Prep School
Pack 2259Edna Martin Christian CenterLeonard RichardsonMary Kate McFarling
Now Hiring!
Pack 2540Tindley Genesis AcademyMarima BahMary Kate McFarling
Fatima Naheed
Rebecca Pronschinske
Pack 2822Holy Angels Catholic SchoolJanna TurnerMary Kate McFarling
Dominic Nevins
Pack 3698Tindley Summit AcademyMarima BahMary Kate McFarling
Timothy Foster
Pack 3745Enlace Academy
Pack 4107Shepherd Community Center
Pack 7058The Landings at 56thBreaira O'SheaMary Kate McFarling
Joshua Lazenby
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