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Venturing Advancement

Advancement is the process by which youth members of the Boy Scouts of America progress from rank to rank.

Every Scout activity moves a youth toward three basic aims: character development, citizenship training, and mental and physical fitness. Advancement is one of the eight methods used by Scout leaders to help Scouts fulfill the aims of the BSA.

Venturing Advancement

The Venturing award series is designed to help Venturers grow in adventure, leadership, personal growth, and service. The Venturing awards program has four levels:

  • Venturing Award: All Venturers are encouraged to earn this award shortly after joining a crew.
  • Discovery Award: This award focuses on participation in a crew activities and events.
  • Pathfinder Award: Leadership must be demonstrated to earn this award.
  • Summit Award: While mentoring is a key part of the entire Venturing program, the Summit award is earned by Venturers that utilize their skills and leadership abilities to help others advance and grow.

Venturing Achievement Awards, including Ranger, Quest, and TRUST, can also be earned by interested participants.

Venturing Awards – Learn more about awards available within the Venturing program.

Refer to the Guide to Advancement for the most current advancement policies, procedures, and resources.

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