Del-Mi District serves 96 Scouting units located within Hamilton and Tipton counties in central Indiana.  Collectively, these units have more than 4,300 members that are supported by 1,000 unit and district volunteers. New volunteers are always welcome; contact one of our Scouting professionals to find out how you can become involved at the district level.

District Calendar

The Del-Mi District 2017-2018 Calendar provides dates of events during the Scouting program year (August to July). This calendar is distributed annually at the April Ideal Year of Scouting event.

This timeline provides units the opportunity to plan their calendar prior to the start of the program year to meet the Journey to Excellence program planning requirements. Learn more about the yearly planning process on our Ideal Year of Scouting page.

Upcoming Events - Save the Date

This is a snapshot of upcoming events. For the full interactive calendar click on the calendar tab up top.

Date Event Time Location Audience
6/14 Monthly Leaders Roundtable 7 PM Noblesville First United Methodist Church Leaders
6/11-7/20 Baden Powell Merit Badge Camp Multiple Camp Belzer Boy Scouts
6/11-7/20 Dan Beard First Class Camp Multiple Camp Belzer Boy Scouts

National Youth Leadership Training

All Week Camp Red Wing Boy Scouts
7/12 District Membership Rally 7  PM Golden Burke Scout Center Leaders
7/26 District Popcorn Training 6 PM Noblesville First United Methodist Church Kernels
8/26 Popcorn Scout Festival TBD Camp Belzer All Scouts

Stay in the know!

Learn about upcoming events and activities by subscribing to our weekly email updates. There is a specific list for each program. To subscribe, send an email to the applicable email address listed below:

Cub Scouts: dm-cubscouting+subscribe@googlegroups.com

Boy Scouts: dm-boyscouting+subscribe@googlegroups.com

Venturing: dm-venturing+subscribe@googlegroups.com

Monthly Leaders' Meeting - Roundtable

Second Thursday of the month, 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Noblesville First United Methodist Church (unless noted otherwise)
2051 Monument Street Noblesville, Ind.


For topics and more detailed information please click here.


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