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Wood Badge

Building Scouting leaders through a comprehensive training program.

Everything you need to know about Wood Badge

Reflecting the best of nearly a century of Scouting experience, Wood Badge draws upon the most current leadership models used by corporate America, academic circles and successful organizations throughout the country.

All About Wood Badge Training

Register for Wood Badge Training:

Weekend 1: August 23 – August 25, 2024, at Camp Kikthawenund

Weekend 2: September 14 – September 15, at Camp Krietenstein

Wood Badge training began under Sir Robert Baden-Powell in 1919 as a way to ensure the leaders of Scout troops were properly trained. Since then, Wood Badge training has been held worldwide, providing advanced leadership training to thousands of Scout leaders. Wood Badge builds upon the best traditions and experiences of BSA. The program also draws from a wide range of courses within and beyond the bounds of Scouting to present the latest in leadership theory and team development.

Why Wood Badge training?

  • Stronger Units. You will make your Scouting unit — and your children’s units — stronger.
  • What and why of Scouting. You will have a deeper understanding of what Scouting is and why we do it.
  • Experience. You will learn and experience things that will stay with you in Scouting and for the rest of your life.
  • Fun. You will have fun and meet interesting people.
  • Other groups. You will strengthen your other groups, including work, church and even family groups.

Wood Badge consists of two stages

  • The first stage is the initial group training, which takes place over five full days of training, usually held over two weekends. Typically, the first session is held Friday through Sunday, and the second is Saturday and Sunday.
  • The second part requires participants to apply the skills they learned by completing a five-part plan (called a “ticket”) over the next 18 months, leading each participant to developing a vision for a better Scouting future.

Requirements for attending Wood Badge

  1. Be a registered member of the Boy Scouts of America and age 18 or older.
  2. Have completed the basic position-specific training courses for your Scouting role.
  3. Be capable of functioning safely in an outdoor environment. All participants are required to complete the Annual Health and Medical Record. Parts A, B and C are required and include a physical. Part C is required for everyone, including people who are not present for more than 72 hours.

Wood Badge Scholarships

Scholarships are available to applicants to help reduce the financial burden of the course. Assistance is also available through several sources such as your unit, chartered partner or employer. Typical scholarships are half of the application fee, and submission deadlines vary. 

To apply for CAC Wood Badge Association Scholarships, please contact your Course Director for the course you are interested in attending.

Course Director