Our Leadership

Meet the executives, volunteers, board members and dedicated staff who help lead the Crossroads of America Council.

Our council is led by an Executive Board and Committee, which is comprised of the Council President, Council Commissioner, Scout Executive, Vice Presidents, Directors and District Chairs.

Our Core Leadership Team

Rafael Sanchez
Rafael A. Sanchez

Board Chair

Fippen Chuck_1057Final
Charles P. Fippen

Council Commissioner

Joseph Wiltrout
Joseph E. Wiltrout

Scout Executive / President & CEO

Executive Board & Committee

Our Council is led by a team of dedicated local leaders including executives, public servants, entrepreneurs and more. Meet the individuals who shape our organization’s mission, vision and direction.


Rafael A. Sanchez
Board Chair

Deana R. Haworth
Board Chair – Elect

Charles P. Fippen

Thomas E. Vanneman

David R. Cobb
Administration Chair

Linda M. Conti
Development Chair

Gary L. Hobbs
Diversity Equity & Inclusion Chair

Layla N. Spanenberg
District Operations Chair

Edward A. Pease
Asst. District Operations Chair – West

Joseph P. Wehrheim
Asst. District Operations Chair – East

Asst. District Operations Chair – Central

Deana R. Haworth
Marketing Chair

Timothy D. George
Strategic Plan Chair

Shannon Stahley
Membership Chair

Anthony R. Jost
Program Chair

N. Anthony Steinhardt, III
Properties Chair

John T. Thompson
Past Board Chair

John R. Wiebke
Members At Large

Joseph E. Wiltrout
Scout Executive/President & CEO


Michael Ash

Strother H. Brann

Keith W. Burns

Virginia A. Caine, M.D.

David J. Certo

Matthew K. Chase

Denzil “Val” Crooke

Dax Denton

Emil Ekiyor

Bruce Farr

Michael L. Ferrris

Matthew L. Fisher

Mark A. Glazier

Chuck Goodrich

Oscar Gutierrez

Joel R. Harbaugh

Michael J. Hebenstreit

Charles T. Hiltunen

Daryle L. Johnson

Reginald O. Jones

Daniel L. Joyce

Rob Lundstorm

Kathy Martin Harrison

Mark W. Myers

Ryan D. Nagy, M.D.

Jonathan S. Nalli

Paul Okeson

Tonya Pfaff

Scott C. Price

Matthew Prine

Jeff S. Raatz

David Rosenberg

Cameron D. Savage

Anne Shumaker

Jason A. Sondhi

Kevin P. Speer

James E. Thomas

Andrew V. Wilkinson

Michael Williams

Shannon Williams

District Chairs

Matthew L. Fisher
Bear Creek

Keith W. Burns
Fall Creek

Five Creeks

Anne Shumaker

Mike Williams

Mike Ferris
Wabash Valley

Daniel L. Joyce
White River

Youth Representatives

Alex Buxton
Firecrafter Chief

Ronald C. Parsons, III
Order of the Arrow Chief

Are you a member of the executive board or committee for the Crossroads of America Council?