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Fundraising Events

Scouting fundraisers help generate funding and support for a range of our initiatives.

Recognizing Accomplishments at Fundraising Events

Our fundraising events give us an opportunity to recognize the accomplishments of Scouting leaders and volunteers. Fundraising events also provide an invaluable opportunity for our organization to generate funding in support of Scout programs and initiatives.

Crossroads of America Council hosts several annual fundraising events across the area we serve in central Indiana. Our fundraising events range from hands-on competitions to formal dinners where we recognize the accomplishments of Scout leaders and supporters.

Our Fundraising Events

Character in Action Scouting Awards Dinner

During this annual awards dinner, we recognize the contributions of outstanding citizens and leaders from central Indiana.

Governor’s Luncheon for Scouting

As one of our largest events, the Governor’s Luncheon includes over 2,000 Scouts and community leaders.

Terre Haute Annual Golf Outing

Hosted annually at the Country Club of Terre Haute, this outing generates money to support local Scouts.

Sporting Clays

Nothing helps generate support like a competition. Sporting Clays includes more than 300 individuals competing for prizes.

Madison County Distinguished Citizen Awards

At this annual awards dinner, we celebrate the contributions and accomplishments of several community leaders.